39 Best Ideas About Ombre Nails Art Design

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Seeing your nails in a preferred design whenever you wish is quite satisfying. Getting the services of a nail specialist for such a design can be quite expensive. You no longer need to travel to your nail specialist every other time you need that design. Find out the designs you can easily do yourself at the convenience of your home whenever you wish to.

Draw Patterns of Choice: this involves drawing designs of stars, flowers etc. You only need a toothpick and your color of choice to do your patterns. Your creativity and art should bring out patterns that stand out from the rest already in existence out there in the streets.

Glitter Ombre Nails: the design involves applying a base color (preferably two-coats for good results) then applying a thick, glitter polish on the nail’s upper half. Stroking repeatedly up the nail brings out that impressive ombre glitter.

Nail Stickers: this involves attaching some specially designed, adhesive stickers on your nails. The problem with this design is that the stickers can look bad if they become torn or scratched and this will necessitate that you remove them out. Applying a thin clear nail polish on the sticker can give good results. I personally like this design because it is fast and does not require much skill.

Newspaper Nails: with this design, paint your nails with a white or pale color (preferably two-coats to ensure a thick enough layer). Plunge your painted nails into alcohol then pat small, square pieces of newspapers on the nails wet with alcohol; the newsprint will be transferred onto the nails. Remove the newspaper pieces, let the print dry then seal it with a clear coating.

Stripy Nails: the design entails applying a base color to your nails then using a fan brash, you make some interesting strips over the base color. It is very easy to do it as it does not require much precision as when drawing patterns. Your imagination, creativity and color selection are the limiting factors for coming up with unique stripy nails.

Leopard Nails: you need to apply a base color of your choice on the nails. You require a curved out pencil eraser to print the leopard marks. Dip the eraser in black polish then stamp the marks over the base color on the nails. This is an easy and fast design that you can do yourself at home.

Gold-Stone Nails: this is another easy design in which you paint your nails with a base color of your choice, preferably turquoise then apply traces of a metallic polish using any suitable adsorbent (You can use a crunched, small polythene paper bag for this).

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