38 Charming Winter Outfits Ideas High Waisted Shorts

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If you are wondering about how to wear high waisted shorts, you will be glad to know that you can wear them to achieve a formal or an informal look. They look the best with a thin belt and a great looking top. This style of clothing would show off your waistline and legs well. You would want to wear your shirt or top, tucked in. It would make the torso look smaller and give an illusion of length to the lower body.

You can choose from a wide range of styles of tops that would look great with such clothing. These could include tank tops and shirts that can be tucked in. Ruffled blouses look great if you want to look soft and feminine. You may also wish to opt for blouses in a filmy material. Crop tops and shirts look especially great with shorts. Some celebrities have also been spotted wearing tight shorts, that have a high waist, with a bulky jacket.

Your choice of fabric for the shorts would depend on the kind of look you want to create. They are available in a wide range of materials including denim, cotton, wool and velvet. You may like to choose dark hues such as black, navy and gray for shorts that you intend to wear for your evenings out. Lighter colors such as blue, yellow, khaki and beige look great during the day time.

If you intend to wear them to your workplace, then team it with a buttoned up shirt and appropriate footwear. Your footwear would also be dependent on the look that you want to create. For an informal look you can consider wearing lace ups or a pair of comfortable sandals. If you intend to go trekking or exploring the outdoors, then opt for a pair of sturdy boots. For an evening out, match your attire with a pair of heels. High heeled wedges would make your legs look longer.

Choose your accessories carefully when you intend to wear high waisted shorts. You can select from thin belts in materials such as plastic and leather. Decorative belts would also look great. A long bead necklace that ends at the waistline would make the outfit look more interesting. Use a hand bag that has a short strap and ends above your waistline. This would ensure that it does not take away attention from the waist down.