38 Awesome Spring Outfits Ideas For 2019

Blues and lavenders continue to be popular colors that carry over from the Fall Fashion Collections. In addition to these you will find yellows and greens, especially bright greens like those found in jade. Of course, neutrals and reds are always popular.

However, change is in the air. Jewelry is influenced by the global and exotic and will be the one new fashion piece you want for the spring. You will see larger pieces this year, especially those with larger gemstones. This will be the best way to update your wardrobe.

Necklaces will be big and bold with rich colors. You’ll also see large chunky bracelets that will stand out. And look for exotic and ethnic inspired pieces with an Asian influence.

Jewelry isn’t just about style anymore, designs containing symbolism and special meaning are becoming more and more popular. These “personalized” items are considered more valuable, as they are more tailor-made for the individual.

Don’t be afraid to wear the one-of-a-kind piece that will set you off from the crowd. The bigger and more unusual piece the better. Why? These pieces can be worn in the evening with a gown or a simple black dress, and during the day to dress up a pair of jeans. You can even wear these exotic pieces with prints. This versatility in a piece of jewelry allows you to buy less and enjoy it more.

In addition, unusual pieces of jewelry add drama and visual interest to your clothes and will make a simple outfit stand out. Imagine – adding new items to your wardrobe that you don’t even have to wash!