36 Newest Spring Fashion Trends Ideas For Girls Teens 2019

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It’s nearly spring and time to bring your teen’s wardrobe up to speed with the trends of the season. Teenage girls love to be in style and you love them to be well dressed. While at times it can be hard to agree on what she should be wearing the new season is full of options that are sure to please the two of you with little or no disagreements.

Whether you’re buying her a few necessities for the spring or taking time to do some mother daughter shopping, keep an eye out for these popular styles and trends.

  • Environmentally Friendly Becoming greener is popular and the trend is reaching closets of young adults. Eco friendly clothing is big this season and teenage girls are definitely a target audience. There is a variety of clothing options available to meet the needs of those with the future of the world in mind. Look for organic cottons, and denims as well as other pieces that are friendly for the universe.
  • Rock n Roll and Metal The trend this season is influenced a lot by music and that is showing up in the form of flashy metallic and patent leather. Look for showy shoes and accessories in glittery golds and metallic silvers. You can also look for rock themed clothing featuring the bands and other icons that you’re teen loves. Make sure to keep it “grown up” friendly though. The last thing she wants is clothing that would place her in kindergarten.
  • Simple Color Combinations Black and white is a classy combination that is always timeless but it’s definitely popular. It’s great for your teen because it’s simple yet sophisticated something she will love. You can also achieve a similar look by pairing colors like brown and light blue or powder pink and black. Keep the color combinations light and versatile and she’ll look great. Going simple also means you have more options to mix and match. The colors mentioned are pretty neutral and can be paired with several other items from their closet.
  • Bright Colors It’s spring and with that comes the bright flashy colors that makes us think of warmer days. Bright colored accessories are big these season and can add a little fun to you’re teens wardrobe. Look for sun glasses, jewelry, leggings, and socks in bright colors to really take advantage of this trend.
  • Red Carpet Sophistication Sure, the red carpet of today may not always have the class we wish it did, but early Hollywood was full of sophisticated starlets that really know how to look great. A lot of the 1930’s big screen trends are coming back this spring. Look for very feminine romantic dresses and tops that bring the good girl back in style.
  • Tribal Tendencies Much like women’s fashion this spring, teen fashion brings us back to the basics with tribal prints and safari colors. Look for those neutral greens, tans, ivories, and browns you would see on the African desert. Also popular are prints that combine the tribal with bohemian for a delicate infusion of style and culture.