35 Stylish Outfits Ideas For Professional Women

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Image is very important in the business world. And depending on your profession or career it can effect the way people perceive you. In order to have a good and respectable image it is vital that professionals invest in the way they dress. Believe it or not, you can use your image to build credibility and trust with your colleagues, clients and customers.

Listed below are a few tips on how professional women can create a wardrobe that reflects and good image and success:

Basic Suit

You should have a basic 3-button double-breasted or single breasted pant or skirt suit in your closet. Your suit should be in a basic color of black, navy or charcoal gray. These basic colors give you the options of mixing different colors and patterns as the seasons change. It also provides a classic and professional look that does not go out of style. We also recommend that the suit be made of wool material or blend. The wool allows the suit to last longer by keeping its shape with minimal color fading. Also, consider buying a tailored suit. Tailored suits, although more expensive than regular suits, have a more polished look. Or you can purchase a suit and have your local dry cleaner tailor it for you.

Dress Shoes

Shoes are very important accessories to a dynamic career outfit. They should be in a basic color of black, brown or navy so that they can match with any ensemble. Shoes should be leather because, leather last longer and can be maintained easily with polishing and buffing. Another great way to preserve dress shoes, is to keep them in a shoe box or on a shoe rack. Also, use shoe horns to put on the shoes and when you are not wearing the shoes, use shoe trees to keep its shape.

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are an essential part of a professional wardrobe. We recommend that your dress shirts should be 100% cotton or cotton blend. The cotton keeps the shape of the shirt and reduces the effects of color fading and is a great year-round material. Do not limit your dress shirts to plain colors, you can have various designs to liven your wardrobe including polka dots, plaids, stripes, floral prints and geometric designs. The best way to preserve dress shirts is to either hang up or fold them after wearing.


Investing in a good coat is also another essential factor in a professional wardrobe. A knee length black wool or cashmere coat is a great classic piece for colder weather. During the lighter seasons, its great to have a trench coat, either knee length or longer. Trench coats are becoming a lot more popular and are being sold in different colors besides khaki. For a more elegant look, you can also consider purchasing a shawl in a basic color.