43 Elegant Brunette Hairstyles Ideas For Lovely Women

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Hairstyles can define and create a style in one easy step and while this is great if you get it right, it is disastrous if you get it wrong. It’s safe to say that most people suit their natural hair colour so if you want to give it a lift or create some drama, this colour is a good starting point. Red heads add in bright red highlights and auburn lowlights to create depth, shine and interest whichever way you turn your head in the light.

Blondes go a few shades lighter for a dramatic difference or add in blocks of highlights and flashes of colour for a subtle punk look. Brunettes lift your overall tone with mahoganies which have red undertones, far from making you look slightly ginger, they’ll give body and luminescence to brown hair that lacks character.

The next step is deciding on a style and it’s so easy to get it right with the current trends and fashions, simply pick and mix from the styles you like to create a style that suits your face shape, hair colour and personality. The feminine undercut is something that some people can be a little bit scared of and understandably as most women reserve the use of a razor for their legs but it’s a look that can really suit the younger woman and allow for a serious variety of styles.

There’s no need to go under the razor if you don’t want to, a similar effect can be achieved by asking for a closely cropped side section; then keep the front section and back as long as you like. This look works best with a long sweeping fringe that can be parted to cover the shorter section or swept over dramatically and boosted with curls or volume for a 1950s glamorous look.

If you want to keep your locks long, steer clear of super sleek, super straight hair and instead mess it up a bit and work your long locks into a variety of on trend plaits. Plaits can be worn loose and over one shoulder or across the head to create a hairband affect that combines 1970s hippy with catwalk nymph.

Make sure you condition your hair well using professional hair care products and blow dry it upside down using your fingers instead of a hairbrush for a loose and relaxed look that will have you bang on trend with no effort whatsoever. Use Tigi hair care products to boost your roots, create separated curls and set any style solid.