42 Fashionable Pink And White Nails Designs Ideas You Wish To Try

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When girls think of accessorizing that little black dress or new chic’ top, they immediately think of jewelry and hair; forgetting about the nails. Certain nail polish colors and designs can take a complete look from great to stunning. Having a sense of style is something that most people have to perfect, but when you see style done right you immediately know the difference. It’s often the little things and that extra step that matters like nails, and makeup details that separate them from the masses.

Crafting cute nail designs and thinking of cute ideas takes patience and time if you are going to do them yourself, but in the end it is usually well worth the effort. As a tip, make sure that you use a sturdy and well known nail polish brand so that you can preserve your nails for as long as possible. There’s nothing worse than having your nails start chipping the same day that you applied the polish.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to do it yourself nail designs and you can take something that may look casual and dress it up with the right jewelry, shoes and nail polish. Nail polish and designs can also serve to match color choices on clothing and footwear.

Color matching is extremely important and having nails that go with the outfit can really make you stand out. Picture yourself wearing a neon pink top, a black skirt and some white or pink high heels. Now picture your nails with a base color of white and some neon pink and black abstract lines on top of the white background.

The end product is something that is beautiful and over the top but done right and you will often find that cute nails can be a conversation starter for both females and males.

Nail art ideas are all about creativity. If you aren’t very creative then feel free to look up images on the web or watch videos on YouTube; there are hundreds of each. Nail art designs don’t only have to be for classy events, they can be for everyday looks, or even holidays.

Go black and orange for Halloween, white and black for New Years or green and red for Christmas. Ideas can be tailored for all age groups and the best part is that it is relatively inexpensive, especially if you choose to do your own nails versus going to the salon. It is much more rewarding to do your own nails not only for monetary purposes but also because you will feel more confident, accomplished, and empowered when you tell those who ask that yes I did my own nails.