3 Tips To Wear High Top Sneakers For Men

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Wear high top sneakers for men is an old-fashioned resurgence trend most men are embracing right now for cool, fashion-forward looks. Take the everyday jeans and T-shirt combination up a notch by wearing a pair of high-top retro skater sneakers. You could even combine torn blue jeans, blacktop with a collar, and a maroon leather jacket with jean high-top sneakers for an eye-catching look.

When wearing mommy-fit jeans, go with a black turtleneck, brown cafe-racer jacket, and pair of red-and-white high-tops for a trend-forward look. To uplift the outfit, combine a leather jacket of different types, or another styled jacket, with the top+jeans look. You can go with straight, torn, or even cropped jeans with high tops, as long as straight is a slim fit style. Slim-fit jeans, such as the ones worn in the business casual style, are best when you are looking to make a statement with your tops.

To uplift your casual looks, keep reading and learn how to wear jeans with high tops while creating different looks that are trending. If you are looking for a more casual look for work, wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and a jacket, and then adding a pair of dress shoes in white can help make you stand out. A smart casual dressed-up look would be pairing those types of sneakers with a blazer, a button-down, and jeans. Swap your regular daily sneakers for these, they are sure to set the tone of your outfit.

Of course, you can also rock these types of sneakers with a sweatshirt–again, making you look dressed down and relaxed, especially if you combine your sweatshirt with a sweatshirt and a blazer. Continuing on from high-tops, these attractive, heat-colored dress sneakers can go with a wide range of clothing choices, giving you a great chance to showcase your tastes and styles.

3 Tips To Wear High Top Sneakers For Men

With an abundance of colourful high tops available, it is best to pair a brightly-colored running shoe like an orange or yellow one with a subtler dress shirt or T-shirt over the top in order to avoid any clashes. It is best to own at least one pair of white sneakers, preferably low-tops such as some Air Force 1.

You can go with a white or beige pair of low-top canvas sneakers, otherwise known as skate shoes, to get a little bit more of that casual vibe. High-top sneakers are extremely comfortable to wear, they can bring some color pop into any outfit, and they look super chic doing it. Men should feel free to wear high-top sneakers, provided that they adhere to rules for getting the look classy. A man looks best wearing a high top sneakers with a relaxed or open-front cardigan and stylish t-shirt.

Every mean guy should be wearing a pair of high top sneakers with slim jeans or casual, straight jeans. Wearing stylish trainers requires that you also wear stylish top jeans, a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, or something else with classy looks. Both men and women can make fashion looks with wearing these shoes, but you need to style them with care while mixing with the shorts. You can mix them with most shorts lengths, but pairing them with a low-rise pair only works if you have long, lean legs and are slim.

Try and steer clear of wider-leg pants, since they tend to conceal sneakers and take away from that chiseled-off look. Since the tops usually sit closer to the feet, they are best contrasted against baggy shorts and wide-leg shirts and tees. While swaggering sneakers and runners can work well for a street-style shoot, high-tops are safer unless you are a child of impossible-to-swaggy athletic gear. It is undeniable that this signature style of sneakers is popular across the board, but with so many style options, it is a bit of a challenge deciding how to wear your Converse high tops.