Black French Tip Almond Nails: The Ultimate Trend For 2023

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Edgy Black French Tip Almond Nails DreamsofWomen


If you are looking to revamp your manicure game for 2023, look no further than black french tip almond nails! This stylish and chic look has been sweeping the nail art world, and for good reason. From celebrities to influencers, everyone is rocking this trend. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about black french tip almond nails, including tips on how to achieve the look and maintain it.

What are black french tip almond nails?

Black french tip almond nails are a modern take on a classic french manicure. Instead of the traditional white tips, black polish is used to create a bold and edgy look. The almond shape is the perfect choice for this style, as it elongates the fingers and adds a touch of elegance to the overall look.

How to achieve the look

Achieving the perfect black french tip almond nails is easier than you might think. Start by filing your nails into the desired almond shape. Next, apply a base coat to protect your nails. Once the base coat is dry, use black nail polish to create a thin line across the tips of your nails. You can use a french manicure sticker as a guide to ensure a clean and straight line. Finally, apply a top coat to seal in the color and add shine.

Tips for maintaining black french tip almond nails

To maintain your black french tip almond nails, be sure to keep them moisturized with cuticle oil. Avoid using harsh chemicals or hot water, as they can cause the polish to chip or peel. If you do notice any chips or cracks, touch them up with black polish and a steady hand.

Accessorizing black french tip almond nails

Black french tip almond nails are a statement on their own, but you can take the look to the next level with some stylish accessories. Consider adding some silver or gold rings to complement the black polish. You can also experiment with different nail art designs, such as glitter accents or geometric shapes.

Why black french tip almond nails are trending

Black french tip almond nails are trending because they offer a modern twist on a classic look. The black polish adds a touch of edge to the traditional french manicure, making it a perfect choice for those who want to stand out. Additionally, the almond shape is flattering on all hand sizes and shapes, making it a versatile choice for anyone.


In conclusion, black french tip almond nails are the ultimate trend for 2023. They offer a stylish and modern take on a classic look and are easy to achieve and maintain. Whether you are a nail art newbie or a seasoned pro, black french tip almond nails are the perfect choice for your next manicure.


Q: Can I use a different color besides black for the tips?

A: Absolutely! The beauty of this trend is that you can customize it to your liking. Try using a bold color like red or even a metallic shade for a unique twist on the look.

Q: How do I prevent my nails from chipping?

A: To prevent chipping, be sure to use a high-quality base and top coat. Avoid using your nails as tools and be careful when doing activities that may cause damage to your nails.

Q: Can I achieve this look on short nails?

A: Yes, you can still achieve this look on shorter nails. Just be sure to adjust the thickness of the black tip to suit the length of your nails.