How To Style An Oversized T-Shirt In 2023

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One of the latest fashion trends in 2023 is styling oversized t-shirts. This versatile piece of clothing can be effortlessly transformed into a chic and fashionable outfit. Whether you want to dress it up or keep it casual, there are countless ways to style an oversized t-shirt to suit your personal style. In this article, we will explore some of the top tips and tricks to help you rock this trend with confidence.

1. Pair it with Biker Shorts

Oversized t-shirts can be the perfect match for biker shorts. This combination creates a laid-back and sporty look that is both comfortable and stylish. Choose a t-shirt that falls just below your hips and pair it with high-waisted biker shorts. Complete the look with a pair of sneakers for a trendy and effortless outfit.

2. Knot it at the Waist

If you want to add some shape to your oversized t-shirt, try knotting it at the waist. This simple styling trick instantly transforms the t-shirt into a cropped top, accentuating your waistline and creating a more flattering silhouette. You can experiment with different knot styles, such as a side knot or a front knot, to add some variation to your look.

3. Layer it with a Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a timeless piece that can instantly elevate any outfit. Layering your oversized t-shirt with a denim jacket adds a touch of coolness and gives your look a more polished feel. Opt for a cropped denim jacket for a modern twist or choose a classic oversized one for a more relaxed vibe.

4. Belt it for a Defined Waist

If you’re looking to create a more defined waistline, try belting your oversized t-shirt. Choose a statement belt that complements the color or pattern of your t-shirt. This styling hack not only adds shape to your outfit but also adds a trendy and fashionable element to your look.

5. Tuck it into High-Waisted Bottoms

Tucking your oversized t-shirt into high-waisted bottoms, such as jeans, skirts, or shorts, is a classic styling technique that never goes out of fashion. This simple styling trick instantly creates a more put-together and polished look. Experiment with different tucking styles, such as a full tuck or a half-tuck, to find the one that suits your personal style.

6. Add a Statement Necklace

To dress up your oversized t-shirt, try adding a statement necklace. This accessory can instantly elevate your look and add a touch of glamour. Choose a bold and eye-catching necklace that complements the color or style of your t-shirt. This simple addition can transform your outfit from casual to chic.

7. Pair it with Wide-Leg Pants

Oversized t-shirts can be the perfect match for wide-leg pants. This combination creates a relaxed and stylish look that is both comfortable and on-trend. Opt for a t-shirt in a neutral color and pair it with wide-leg pants in a contrasting color or pattern. Complete the look with a pair of chunky sandals or heels for a fashionable outfit.

8. Layer it with a Cardigan

Layering your oversized t-shirt with a cardigan is a great way to add warmth and style to your outfit. Choose a cardigan in a complementary color or pattern and wear it unbuttoned for a relaxed and effortless look. This versatile combination can be worn in any season and is perfect for a cozy and chic outfit.

9. Opt for a Monochromatic Look

If you want to create a stylish and sophisticated outfit, try opting for a monochromatic look. Choose an oversized t-shirt in a neutral color, such as black, white, or gray, and pair it with bottoms in the same color family. This minimalist approach creates a sleek and modern look that is both fashionable and timeless.


Styling an oversized t-shirt doesn’t have to be complicated. With these tips and tricks, you can effortlessly create fashionable and chic outfits that suit your personal style. Whether you prefer a casual or dressy look, there are endless possibilities to explore with this trendy fashion piece. So go ahead and experiment with different styling techniques to rock the oversized t-shirt trend in 2023.