42 Most Popular Newborn Baby Boy Summer Outfits Ideas

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Buying baby boy clothes is a joyous event; all those delicious mini outfits that just cry out to be touched and snuggled are just a delight to browse, and you will probably find that you end up purchasing a little more than you expected to!

Baby blue for boys is of course traditional, but choice is no longer limited to simple blue jumpsuits for boys and pink versions for girls. Babies today, whether they aware of it or not, have almost as much choice in the fashion stakes as their mums and dads do.

Many companies also now produce brilliantly funny baby clothes. Dressing the little man in a t-shirt emblazoned with humorous phrase provides a great talking point, and guarantees smiles galore for the baby.

When buying baby boy clothes for newborns, it’s often advisable to buy baby clothes which are meant for babies a few months of age, as new mums and dads are often bombarded with clothes for newborns in the immediate weeks after their arrival, and of course babies grow at an alarming rate, as much as an ounce a day in the first three months. This means that in just a few weeks mum is left with a pile of good-as-new clothing which no longer fits.

With Many baby clothing items, such as jumpsuits and shirts, you can get away with buying big. And if cost is the main concern, as it so often is with a new baby in the family, keep your eyes peeled for clothes in the sale meant for older infants, which can be utilized a few months down the line, saving you a small fortune.

Why not buy unisex clothes in the sale? Fortunately, babies aren’t fussy about fashion, and a little boy won’t be aware as to whether he is sporting baby boy clothes or those designed for a baby girl, so long as it’s comfortable.

There are simple ways to get the most wear out of baby girl and baby boy clothes. For example, it’s quite simple to eek extra life out of a jacket that has become too small for the infant by removing the sleeves and turning the garment into a waistcoat or gilet.

In the same way, jeans and trousers which are a little on the short side can be made into shorts for the summer months, and tiny white socks which become discolored with use can be brought back to life by boiling up with a slice of lemon.


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