35 Cool Natural Hairstyles For African American Women

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African American hairstyles look chic and trendy. There are varieties of popular haircuts such as Twists, Updos, Braids, Curls etc. that you can easily flaunt this season.

It is advisable to choose the perfect hair color for your tresses that can easily compliment your skin tone. African American women love to create their own hair trends. They play with various designs with flamboyance.

Top 3 African American Haircuts Suitable For Your Face Type Revealed

Braids: It is one of the most popular African American hairstyles. You can easily attain this style by plaiting some section of your hair together. There are various forms of this style such as micro-braids, box braids and even cornrows.

Hair braiding is an art that need lots of time and patience. This hairdo looks fashionable.

Dreadlocks: This style epitomizes African-American hairstyle. Dreadlocks can be naturally created with your curls if you don’t brush or comb them. However, the emergence of reggae music gave popularity to this hair trend.

They are basically coils of tresses that are intertwined. Most of the salons attach false tresses or uses chemical processes to create this look. This hairstyle looks ultra-chic.

Tight Ponytail: You can easily create various other designs with this hairdo. This hairstyle mainly accentuates your jaw and neckline. Ponytails are usually made from curly tresses. It also works well with wavy curls that can be parted in equal sections and braided completely.

You can then secure it with a band. You should pull all your braids towards the back of the head and wrap them with a scarf. You can easily achieve a fantastic style next day.

In order to find out the most appropriate haircuts for your face, one should preferably know his or her face shape. You should consult a hairstylist or search for a hair makeover tool online for flaunting the perfect Afro-American look this season.