36 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

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Besides the gown and accessories, the wedding hairstyle is another area where the bride can unleash her creativity. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right bridal hairstyle for that special day including the length, color, body and existing condition.

The objective with choosing the right wedding hairstyle is to accentuate the bride’s beauty without overwhelming her face. It should also be consistent with what the bride is wearing as well as the theme of the wedding itself.

Black women naturally have wavy or curly locks. With all the media attention towards long straight hair, some brides may feel pressured into altering the natural state of their hair. There are several options available for brides.

Before opting on any particular option, remember to consult with a professional hairstylist so as to pick the right hair style for the shape of the bride’s face and the other factors previously mentioned.

One of the classic bridal hairstyles that remains popular is the up do. This is great for brides with medium to long hair lengths. It is simple and keeps the bride’s face clean and uncluttered.

Brides may also choose to wear a tiara or other bridal hair accessories along with it. Celebrities such as Vivica Fox have utilized this hair style for award ceremonies, banquets and the like.

Brides that want a no frills bridal hairstyle can opt for the ‘fro. This particular wedding hairstyle was last seen a few decades back but is recently gathering increasing attention at the wedding scene.

There is no need for additional maintenance or conditioning techniques. It is beautiful in its simplicity, perfect for brides that have beautiful features. Coupled with minimal amount of makeup, the bride truly stands out with this bridal hairstyle.

Another simple wedding hairstyle that is easy to maintain is known as the flip. This particular bridal hairstyle has been popular since the beginning of the century. One added advantage to opting for this hair style is that is goes well with almost type of applied makeup.

Brides may also choose to have their hair braided. This works whether the bride has long or short hair. For interesting twist, pin the braids up. Other bridal accessories such as the tiara may also be added for a distinct look.

A basket weave involves a more intricate braiding design. Each braid is slim and woven tightly from the head in a zigzag pattern. The basket weave and braid may be combined with the up do hairstyle for a cleaner look.

For the more courageous and daring bride, there is the fantasy hair type. It is a bridal hairstyle that is trendy in areas such as London and Japan. With opting for this wedding hairstyle, it is the hair itself which makes the statement and garners the attention from guests.

Brides who wish to wear a tiara will have to opt for another wedding hairstyle. Another daring option is to use stencils to create a design on the bride’s hair. These wedding hair styles have been found in fashion shows for designers around the world and have found a way in more contemporary styled weddings.


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