39 Cute Outfits Ideas with Leggings Suitable for Fall

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There are no ambiguous feelings about leggings; you either love them or hate them. However, leggings are a great choice in women’s clothes that if worn right, can bring out the fashion connoisseur in you.

The problem, though, is that most women do not know how to wear leggings in any other way than simply lounging around the house, often mismatching their accessories, making the whole outfit not work and unsuitable for wearing on the high street.

Additionally, some women do not think that leggings are appropriate for their age, but there is no such limitation and you should not simply assume that leggings are only for teen or retro fashionistas. Regardless of your age or tastes, leggings can work for women of all ages.

The primary purpose of leggings for most is to wear them instead of other types of bottoms to accompany an outfit and although this is suitable, it is very important that you recognise that leggings do not replace jeans or other trousers entirely.

As leggings are skin tight, if paired with anything that ends above the thighs, they can make the outfit look cheap or tasteless. With that in mind, you have to come up with more appropriate ways to wear leggings in this way, such as by matching a tunic top or roomy kaftans that ends at the mid-thigh, as this way the leggings will not only look good, but they will flatteringly accentuate your curves.

If the weather is cold, pair some leggings with your favourite long knitwear and tie the two garments together with a belt. Be sure to complete the look, irrelevant of the season, with a large, matching handbag and particularly in the warmer weather, a pair of ballerina shoes or gladiator sandals for the ultimate in relaxed fashion.

Alternatively, you can pair leggings with a dress, but be sure to opt for one with a straight cut. Whilst a flowing dress can look good on occasion, be sure to wear one that that flows below the knee and finish the look with interesting boots with a small heel and match it with belt.

If you are wondering what shoes to wear with your leggings, generally speaking, a pair of flats will always work, irrelevant of the outfit. Boots do work when the leggings are tucked in, but try and refrain from wearing knee high boots when matched with a long tunic, as the entire purpose of wearing leggings is defeated.

When deciding whether or not leggings are right for you, remember that your figure is the ultimate deciding factor. If you are short and curvy, leggings may not be for you, as they can make you look smaller than you actually are.

Although this may be the case, that is not to say that you should rule them out completely, as leggings are like any other women’s clothes and with the right choice of accompanying clothes, it is possible for anyone to look stunning. It is simply a case of understanding what works, what does not and overall, what you feel comfortable in wearing.