47 Stylish Work Dresses Inspirations Ideas to Wear This Fall

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You are staring at the work dresses in your closet, and you have nothing to wear. The dresses hanging there seem so stale and tired that if you reached in to read the tag of the dress, it would say “Stale & Tired.”

The thought of having to put on one of these garments and head into work makes you want to fake a cough and call in sick to work. You have been practicing your over-the-phone sick voice in preparation for your upcoming strep throat/trip to Palm Springs.

If you must add some Bailey’s to your coffee in the morning to give you the liquid courage to put on the same old work dresses again, you can at least vary the styling options to trick yourself and your co-workers into thinking that your work wardrobe is actually bigger than it really is. Here are 15 style options to breath some life back into your old wardrobe.

  1. Belt – Cinch the waist of any dress with a belt. It can completely transform the silhouette of the dress and is a great way to add some personality by using a pop of color or animal print.
  2. Cardigan – A great way to add some color or texture to any of your work dresses. You can also combine it with a belt and multiply the variations for the dress with the belt and cardigan variations.
  3. Blazer – Do you have to wear the same blazer that came with the dress? Mix and match blazer options to create new looks.
  4. Scarf – A fabulous way to look faux-European with your many scarves and all the different ways to tie them. Get your scarf game on point and people will never know you are wearing the same dress.
  5. Button-up blouse – Go full on prep school and wear a button up long-sleeve blouse underneath your dress. This may not work for every dress style, but give it a try.
  6. Leather moto jacket – This is a very too-cool-for-school option to wear with many of your work dresses. You thought you could only wear that jacket on the weekend, but try bringing it to the office.
  7. Patterned tights – Wearing tights with subtle patterns on them are full-on work appropriate and will bring new life and a slight edge to your work dresses.
  8. Brooch – A brooch can make a work dress appear more regal and elegant. This style option can be combined with a cardigan so that the brooch is on the upper breast part of the cardigan.
  9. Contrasting tank top – Does your dress have a V-neckline? Can you add a tank top underneath? If you have a black dress, how about a white lace-trimmed tank top underneath? Or add a pop of color with a bright blue tank top.
  10. Ankle boots – Adding ankle boots to any dress look will make the outfit look younger and trendier. It is a fabulous way to modernize and dress.
  11. Denim jacket – Sometimes, you just need a little jean therapy. Adding a denim jacket makes the outfit cool and casual and not so stuffy. While a denim jacket may not be appropriate at all workplaces, give it a try to transform your work looks.
  12. Chunky sweater – Adding a chunky sweater over the top of you dress creates a completely different look because it now looks like you are wearing separates. Be careful that the outfit does not make you look too bulky on top.
  13. Knee-high boots – Are you always wearing your dresses with heels or flats? Swap in a pair of boots to breathe new life into your work dresses. This is a great way to keep warm and still wear your dresses in the fall and winter.
  14. Open vest – Yes, you can wear an open, unbuttoned vest over your work dresses. This is very trendy, very youthful, and very unexpected, and no one at the office will be wearing the same outfit as you.
  15. Statement necklace – A large statement necklace that follows the neckline of your dress will completely renovate it. Also, look for bib-style necklaces.


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