35 Trending Fall Outfits Ideas To Get Inspire

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Top designers debut their edgy, new styles during fashion week early in the year so that by the time fall comes around, these sought-after trends trickle down to shops and online stores where they’re usually more affordable. Here are a few things to look out for when shopping for your fall wardrobe.

Leather and Lace

Leather can be a pretty intimidating fabric. Leather shoes and purses is one thing, but wearing it on your body is another thing entirely. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll look like a dominatrix, the fall pieces showcased were incredibly elegant and classy. It’s leather in a whole new way that voices femininity without being overly sexual.

Hunter Green

This earthy, woodsy color is a rich addition to your wardrobe. It pairs perfectly with denim and other blue-shaded accent pieces. Another trending color palette is gem tones; think rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Gem tones blend perfectly with hunter green creating a chic statement.

Mismatched Textures and Patterns

This trend is so fun and forbidden. I always thought it was some cardinal rule of fashion to never match stripes and polka dots, but it seems that fashion week has the power to overthrow these notions. Mismatching patterns with complementing color schemes come off fun and inventive. Joining in on this theme of incompatibility is textures. Feminine pieces made of silk, cotton and even tweed can harmonize together within a single outfit if layered properly.


A peplum is just a fancy way of saying an elongated hem or ‘overskirt.’ They are those little ruffled or puffed areas in coats or tops that make your waist appear to widen giving pronounced curves. While this look is adorable on slimmer bodies, I wouldn’t think it has the same effect on fuller figures, but I could be wrong. Peplums may actually help to camouflage bulgy areas in your mid-section.

Faux Fur

Fur and faux fur made an appearance in fashion week, peeking out with subtle hints of sophistication. I am not a fan of real fur because of personal reasons rooted in my love for animals, but damn does it make an outfit pop!

Oversized coats

Now this trend is really only something I see working for women with model-like figures. Though it does look overwhelmingly classy and chic on the runway, I can’t help but imagining myself looking thirty pounds heavier.

Brocades and Embellishments

Brocades remind me of fancy tapestries and renaissance fashions, but the pieces I saw in fashion week, were nothing of the sort. Bold representations in tops and matching bottoms demonstrate continuity and sheer elegance. Heavily embellished garments are over-the-top, but glamorous. Want to stand out? Include the shimmering embroidery of brocade or a dazzling, studded, ornate piece and I promise, no one will have a hard time spotting you.

Continuing Trends

Color blocking has yet to fade out of style, so recycle some of your old outfits. Leopard print is also hanging onto the coattails of these new fall trends, worn sparingly with other pieces.