36 Gorgeous Fall Outfits Ideas For Women

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With fall fast approaching and the prospect of cooler weather just around the corner, women all around the country are already thinking about storing away their summer clothes and accessories and filling their closets with all those items designed specifically to protect them from the cooler weather.

Fall though, can often present a mixed bag in terms of temperatures, with some days being crisp and chill and others bathed in glorious sunshine. Rather than risk being bundled up in thick winter garments which can be oppressively hot on the warmer days, many women find that fall is the time for wearing layers which can easily be removed and replaced.

While items such as cardigans and tank tops can be very useful additions to a fall fashion collection, for some women they simply feel too bulky and, if they need to be removed during the course of the day, they present the problem of what to do with them. Unless you carry around a purse the size of a small suitcase, you can be left lugging them around for the rest of the day.

In any case, many women just don’t find these particular items of clothing very flattering or feel that they don’t meet with the impression of chic sophistication that they are seeking. Cardigans, for instance, can sometimes lean too much towards the old and frumpy, while tank tops can look so trendy that they make a woman feel like mutton dressed as lamb. Women’s scarves and shawls used to create layers, on the other hand, are extremely practical, wearable, not to mention beautiful accessories which are perfect for women of all ages in the run-up to winter.

When choosing scarves and shawls for the fall, by far the best fabric to go for is silk, because of its amazing heat-retaining properties. At the same time as being sumptuously soft and floatingly fine, it is also one of the warmest materials there is, hence its use to create the linings of garments such as jackets and gloves. In addition, however, if you choose to tie your silk scarf or shawl, you will not be left with bulky and unsightly knots which detract greatly from the overall appearance and impression.

Women’s silk scarves can, of course, be worn in a huge variety of different ways and about various parts of the body. For sheer warmth though, they have maximum effect when worn over the head or around the neck or shoulders, and you can have great fun experimenting with different outfits and different methods of tying.

In terms of the look of silk scarves and shawls, it has to be said that those which incorporate hand painted designs are far superior to the printed examples. Not only is the range of colors much wider and the strength of the shades more vibrant, but each one of these gorgeous accessories carries a design which is totally unique and can be chosen to reflect your own personal taste, style and coloring.

So, if you are looking for something practical, portable and simply stunning to keep you warm this fall, why not invest in your own fabulous collection of handmade silk scarves and shawls?