46 Awesome European Men Fashion Style To Copy

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Trend shifts in the world of mens clothing

Traditionally, women were the main focus and target of fashion houses around the world. They were the trend setters and style icons in the media and on the streets. This tendency, however, is quickly being chased up by the new breed of men concerned by their looks and style.

Designers worldwide have identified this shift in fashion demand and are constantly creating new collections tailored to letting the modern man stand out of the crowd. The days of the simple jeans and a t-shirt worn 5 days at a time are long gone as mens clothing is becoming brighter, bolder and more unique.

Menswear as a whole has developed in colours and items. Never before was it ordinary to see a guy on the street wearing a scarf and loafers for the sake of fashion, rather than ease of wear or comfort. High heels have always been a hugely discussable topic of how far women would go for their looks.

These days, a guy wearing very tight skinny jeans and professionally styled haircut is not uncommon. Moreover, guys are often likely to be laughed at by their more fashion conscious friends for being slack with his menswear choice and appearance.

Mens shirts as the new fashion statement

One of the categories of mens clothing that has developed more than any other are mens shirts. Not only are there multiple categories of business shirts, dress shirts and casual shirts now but designers keep coming up with new ideas to differentiate their products from the rest.

These days you can find striped and dotted shirts, floral and futuristic designs, double and triple collared shirts and so on. There is also a new slim fit style for those wanting to show off the results of their long hours at the gym and healthy lifestyle.

The biggest drive of the unique and new menswear is definitely coming from the European men and their fashion houses. Italian and French men, for instance are some of the most fashion forward in the world and the bulk of new trends in mens clothing starts on the streets of these countries.

Luckily, with the move to globalisation, overseas fashions are a lot closer and accessible to everyone around the world. There are multiple online stores bringing new European trends to everyone around the globe and the products are delivered in a matter of days.