44 Classic And Casual Airport Outfit Ideas

1 min read

A thought often neglected before leaving on vacation is what you plan to wear on the airplane. Plenty of times (more than I care to admit) I simply got dressed and ended up miserable on my flight due to something so simple as an outfit mis-hap.

Think jeans that don’t have enough “give”, to uncomfortable shoes, to being too hot, or too cold, etc. You catch my drift. Take my mistakes and learn from them.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Wear comfortable pants. There is a fine line between being too casual and comfortable. Track suits, although really comfortable, are not the most fashionable. In fact, should you hope for that accidental upgrade to business or first class, they most likely won’t pick you if you are dressed too casual. Personally, I love to wear jeans traveling, but they must have stretch! I need breathing room.
  2. Don’t wear heels. Unless you are someone that cannot fathom the thought of being without your heels, this is a disaster waiting to happen. I learned the hard way. Imagine me running through the airport with my luggage in tow, purse on my arm, ticket in hand, trying to make my flight on time. It was a sprained ankle waiting to happen. If you are like me and 90% of the time travel with a crap-load of carry-on baggage, this is an awful situation to be in. Flats or sandals are the way to go (booties could work). If you must wear heels, go with a wedge and possibly a cork wedge. They seem to be the most forgiving for running and comfort.
  3. Layers. Layers. Layers. They are your friend! I like a tank top with a long-sleeve cardigan or jacket. This way, if I arrive and am overheating, off goes the top layer, and instantly I feel ten degrees cooler.
  4. Wraps. I love scarves and wraps. They are the jack-0f-all-trades item to accessorize with. I almost always wear one traveling. They double as a blanket if I am cold (well, the wrap does, a scarf may be too small), they look cute, and don’t take up too much space if you need to jam it in your carry-on.
  5. Belts need to come off before security. I love belts. But please don’t be that annoying person at security pissing off everyone behind you because you forgot to remove it prior to being screened. It prevents security from running quickly and efficiently. Take it off early and be ready to move. PLEASE, for my sanity!
  6. Jewelry. Leave your valuables at home. Nothing sucks more than breaking your favorite necklace or bracelet. Worse, it could fall off and you never see it again. Much worse, it could be stolen. If it means a lot to you, keep it at home. It will be waiting for you upon your return.