45 Elegant Fall Outfits Ideas To Inspire You

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Fall is just around the corner, and now is a great time for women to consider adding some stylishly attractive wardrobe trends. You should not buy every trend that comes along, but you do want to take advantage of those that resonate with your image and brand to make you look and feel fantastic.

Here are a few new trends to keep an eye out for in department stores this fall:

1) It’s a Wrap
Capes and ponchos are a fashionable layering option this autumn that gives you a striking alternative to jackets. Look for tweeds, plaids, and solid neutral fabrics in every length. But keep in mind that although it’s a great look to wear it is important to pay attention to proportion. When wearing a cape or poncho, for example, you’ll look fabulous if you pair it with a pair of skinny jeans or pants!

2) Bold Saturated Colors Reign
This season’s bold, saturated colors rule with a rich and regal look. Strong colors like cobalt blue, ruby red, turquoise, and grape can give you that exquisite pop of color you need. We’ll also see lots of beautiful mixing and matching of two-pieces in a similar color tone. I noticed, for instance, that Ann Curry – the co-anchor of the Today Show – wore a lovely blouse and pencil skirt in bold teal tones that were two different colors. They blended wonderfully with unmistakable elegance and style.

3) Stacked Heels
Reminiscent of the mod 70s, inspired styles of stacked heels will be available in every height of shoe from long boots to pumps to flats. Buy a pair this season and it will give you an instant update. Opt for a more modern stacked heel that feels comfortable for you but is also versatile enough to wear with your work wardrobe.

4) Long Skirts
Longer skirts seem to be one of the biggest trends this season, but to pull this look off you definitely need to wear a chunkier shoe. You will find pencil skirts, long draping, and asymmetrical and A-line styles. Be careful, though, because longer skirts can make you instantly appear heavier. Avoid wearing those that hit you at the mid-calf area unless they are paired with a long boot, for instance, because otherwise you’ll appear shorter versus longer and thinner.

5) Chocolate Metal Tone Jewelry
Give your outfit that special finishing touch with this season’s new chocolate metal tone jewelry. It’s ideal to wear with plaids and tweeds and can be the perfect accent to pair with teal, camel, or brick red.

6) The Feminine Bow Blouse
For trendy autumn blouses this year it is all about drawing attention upward toward your face, which is your communication center. These beautiful blouses can also add some pizzazz near your neck, décolletage, or around your curvy waist. During the workday pair them with a great pencil skirt, or use them to update that classic suit. In the evening or on weekends they go great with dark denim and a leather jacket to give you an elegant twist with feminine flair.

7) The Skinny Jean/Pant 
The skinny pant and jean is still in fashion this fall, and you’ll see various lengths (Capri to ankle styles) and fabrications in an array of colors. To wear this skinny pant you must offset the slim proportions with higher volume on top, using capes, faux-fur vests, ponchos, or chunky sweaters for balance.

8 ) Sumptuous Leather If you love leather like I do then 2011 is your year. The new leather for fall is soft, supple, and elegant. You will find leather in everything – including A-line and pencil skirts, sheath dresses, winter shorts, leggings, and shirts. If you want to be more dramatic than traditional black or dark brown then try unique and different saturated colors like burgundy, tan, gingerbread, nude, or cognac.

9) The Heritage Jacket
Traditional jackets return this season to give us another stylish autumn layering alternative. These classically elegant but trendy jackets are best coupled with the skinny pant. Look for heritage jackets in an array of different styles and lengths and with all sorts of interesting detailing such as elbow patches, velvet trimmed collars, and grosgrain ribbon.

10) Faux Fur for Fall
This fall the only stylish animal to go hunting for is faux fur. You will find vests, jackets, and elegant coats in traditional animal prints. Wear these fun looks during the day to punch up your denim or skinny pant with style, or shop for a more glamorous piece to wear after five and enhance the look of a great black dress.

What trend is your favorite this season? Tell us the cool and creative ways you plan to incorporate new autumn trends into your wardrobe to exude style and flair.