37 Charming Small Tattoo Ideas Trends 2018

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The reasons why people have small tattoo designs are wide and varied. Most popular small tattoo designs are used by women as they are more discreet which is more representative of their gender. Tattoo designs are of course only limited by a person’s imagination, social acceptance, pain threshold and budget.

Some of the most popular small tattoo designs are animals and insects such as butterflies, birds, cats and dolphins. These are by no means the only tattoos that are used but seem to have a universal appeal for most newcomers to the art form.

There are many designs available and can be obtained from many sources including the internet. Choosing your design and putting the time into the research before turning up at the door of the tattoo parlor is always the best option. Some people arrive at the parlor and try to decide what print they want and get into a decision dilemma which causes frustration and anxiety.

Using the internet to find your small tattoo designs is the best option as there is no pressure and the numbers of designs are extensive. A word of caution though, the choice of design needs to be of a high quality, in fact the higher the quality the better. The tattoo artist when presented with a high quality design will be more likely to produce a high quality tattoo. Turning up with a sketch or low resolution print will most likely produce the same result on the skin.

Having spent the time and effort to find the perfect small tattoo designs would also depend on where you are intending to have the tattoo inserted. The smaller the design the more places you have to put them. These days the base of the back or the nape of the neck is popular whereas in the past there was a flurry of people having tattoos printed right around the bicep.

These days that design has lost favor but the tattoo still can be seen by customers who are stuck with a fad design that is now unpopular. So the moral of the story is to choose wisely and not be drawn in by trends that will disappear.

In conclusion, choose wisely, don’t follow trends, find the highest quality design possible from a reliable source that has a reputation for high quality stock, don’t turn up at the tattoo parlor without your chosen design in your hand. With keeping these things in mind for your small tattoo designs you should at least have a fighting chance of getting that quality result you will be proud of.