46 Stunning Shimmer Eye Makeup Ideas 2018

1 min read

When you look at a person face, the first thing that attracts you is the person’s eyes, so you may need to take of your eyes and polish then off a bit.

As I have said, the main feature of the face is the eyes, so when applying makeup be sure not to apply to much or to less as sometimes its looks a bit tacky.

So, if you are uncertain and need a bit of help then look below as I have some tips to help you apply on shimmering eye shadows.

Tip one- when choosing your eye shadow colours make sure to blend with your skin tone and your clothes. If you are dressed to impress, you will need to look the part when applying your eye shadow colours.

So, if you are wearing entirely black, it doesn’t mean you wear dark black colours when applying makeup, you can also wear light, and this completely depends on your skin tone.

Tip two- if you apply topaz as your eye shadow and you have black and brown eyes it normally causes the eyes to look more distant.

If you have hazel eyes and green eyes violet eye shadows will suit you’re perfectly, yet it may not blend but it’s not always about bending. And finally, if you have blue eyes many colours suit such as, coral, gray and also mauve.

Tip three-when applying black eye liners to your eyes make sure you choose dark colours to make your eyes stand out, for both upper and lower lines.

Tip four- when applying mascara, that maybe the thing that makes your eyes looks special so you will need to apply mascara on perfectly.

If you have big eyelashes then you should only apply on small amounts. However, if you have smaller eyes like me then you should apply black mascara at the top and light brown mascara at the bottom to get the longer eyelash look.