40 Fabulous Purple Outfit Ideas For Summer

Finally, it’s summer time again! After too many layers and dark colors, it’s time to drag out the clothes perfect for enjoying breezy days at the beach, tasty cocktails on an outdoor terrace, and nights under the stars. But dressing for summer can be far more challenging than dressing for winter. After all, once you’re not a teenager anymore, how do you know the difference between dressing for the season and looking too casual? Thankfully, it’s not that hard to throw together a summer wardrobe that will have heads turning even as the first breezes of fall start shaking the leaves off the trees. It’s time to heat up that wardrobe for summer!

One of the easiest places to start dressing for a season with older articles of clothing is simply by looking at what the colors are going to be. Nudes were back in a huge way last year, and the trend appears to continue on, especially in regard to very muted yellows and pinks. While greens and blues were a big hit, this time around, it’s going to be purples and plums. Think classic 1970s summer fashion or the sophisticated evening dresses from a couple of decades before, and you’ll have a good handle on what items from your closet can make their second debut this season.

Something that keeps coming back no matter what seems to be the blazer in a new incarnation. While this look might work if you’re particularly young and have a blazer that’s particularly well-tailored, we say stay away. It’s also not very summery to have that extra layer, and it has the tendency to drag your shoulders down. Blazers and ripped-up jeans are definite fashion don’ts, no matter what the magazines are showing you from fashion week. There are just some things that regular, classy people aren’t supposed to wear, ever.

Instead, get fun and have a great time choosing accessories. The whole minimal approach to just a little bit of gold or silver has flown out the window, though that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow the most important rule of accessorizing: less is always, ALWAYS, more. Don’t feel the need to grab bracelets, bangles, and necklaces all for one outfit, but do definitely invest in at least one fun bangle bracelet and one bright and colorful necklace. It’s a very simple way to dress up a plain black dress or one of those single-shouldered numbers you just picked up, and changing the accessories helps you get a ton of mileage out of your clothes.

One trend that is long due for its summer re-emergence isn’t really a trend at all, just a pattern. Remember you heard it here first, and that dots are poised and ready to take over once again. In recent collections for House of Holland and Dolce & Gabbana, dots have featured prominently, so it’s entirely possible that they’re going to become a staple of fabric yet again. It sure beats last year’s Hammer pants.

When dressing your whole body for a season of sun and fun, don’t forget the head! From hats to headscarves, it looks like above your face is the new hot zone for accessorizing. Just stay away from that scrunchie trend, and you’re certain to look timeless and chic when hitting the beach in a nice hat that wouldn’t have you out of place in The Great Gatsby.

From your head down to your feet, here’s a trend we weren’t expecting to endure another season of summer. The days of strappy sandals are sadly over for women who prefer to be comfortable rather than stylish. Fierce heels are here to stay, and if you learn to walk properly in them, they can make your simple dress the hit of any party by leaps and bounds. Just be careful!

Depending on how comfortable you feel in them, leggings are another great facet of this season’s fashion. They’ve carried on over from the spring and winter, and are ready in new colors and weights for summer. It’s a simple way of dressing up a skirt or dress, and a nice take on accessorizing if you’re not prepared to drape yourself in headscarves and gigantic necklaces. Definitely don’t forget about leggings. And don’t forget that your look doesn’t have to be all about the season. Whatever mixing and matching you do, summer is time for fun and relaxing, so dress accordingly and have a great time!


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