50 Fascinating Scalloped Clothing Ideas For Summer Outfits

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Is set to be a great year for fashion and beauty and will see many different trends returning to the shops that were popular many years ago. So if you still have that flowery dress or the polka dot cardigan you once hated; then get them out of your wardrobe and get ready for the season of style.Let’s stay one step ahead and check out 5 of the best trends to look out for.

Simply Dotty

You’ve guessed it, next year sees the rise of polka dots again, popular back in the 60s, brings back lots of dotty garments. If you are not confident enough to wear a polka dot dress to a party; be it a birthday party or garden party, then try accessorizing with smaller dotty designs. Go for a silky, polka dot scarf to wrap around a plain coloured top. A black and white scarf would look great over a plain black t-shirt or long sleeved top. For a totally different effect, why not tie a thin spotty scarf to your bag.


What with nautical being popular last year, it is set to be popular once again next year. So if you already have some nautical style clothes, dig them back out of your wardrobe, ready for next year. Nautical stripes tend to be blue and white and red and white and this ladies striped top is an easy way to wear the trend; however don’t feel like you have to stick to those two colours. Now, we see black and white also becoming popular. Maybe some ballerina style pumps with a nautical style on would suit you, rather than the clothes garments.


Mixing femininity with pretty pastel colours will be another big hit next year. Try accessorising with decorated extras such as a thick tweed jacket, which sits in just at the hips and complete the look with a longer length scarf just draped around the neck. Smaller style handbags to carry down by your side are a popular choice with this look.

Scallop Detailing

Try wearing a blouse with a simple scalloped collar, which will make you look and feel ultra feminine. Sometimes you will see jumpers with a scalloped collar in white, whereas the rest of the jumper is actually in pink, this is a great idea if you want to contrast your clothes without overdoing your style.

A Budding Romance

Perhaps you’re going out for a special occasion? A hot trend for next year is soft applique dresses, dress them up for a perfect evening out with friends and family, or you can even dress them down and team them up with a pair of chunky boots, perfect for a shopping trip or school run. Accessorising with flowers will be popular too, so why not get a few clip in flowers that you can clip into your hair for a special night out. Or, buy a flowered corsage to attach to a plain black suit jacket for added colour and femininity.