46 Casual Christmas Updos Ideas

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Part one taught your how to make the best of your make-up this season, as well as tips on how to cover up unwanted lines and blemishes. After washing your hair, moisturising, completing your make-up and drying your hair, it’s time to create a stunning hair style that will impress your colleagues and mates this season.

Just like fashion, hairstyles change from season to season. But unlike fashion, it is far easier to keep up to date with fashionable hair styles as all you have to do is go down to the hairdressers before your Christmas party.

One of the future hair fashions is red hair – yes red hair is the new blonde, from the paled skinned redhead to the freckled red head. Red hair often grants the wearer a delicate porcelain doll look – so whether you’re a natural redhead or not wear your red hair with pride this season.

Predicted favourite haircuts for the winter season are the short to medium cut that is layered and choppy. Look to the likes of Rihanna and Keira Knightly for inspiration as their choppy but sleek cuts accentuate the face, a good way to bring out your youthful features.

Another style that accentuates facial features is the classic bob; these days added with a modern twist, the bob is a trendy hairstyle for the office and the Christmas party. This season expect to see short to mid-length bobs that are heavily layered and straight with a side on slopping across fringe.

Letting your hair down at a Christmas party does not mean you can’t have your hair up – updo styles are still all the rage, and give that classy celebrity look. Buns, chignons and the half up and half down hairstyles are still as fashionable as ever, but added with a modern twist, they will look up to date for the Christmas party season this year. Adding a side swept fringe will make that hairdo ever so more interesting – you can even flick it out to create a more unique look with more movement in.

Although straight hair is still in, it is now more fashionable to create sharp edges or more movement in your hair to give hair that wow factor. A modern look is the fashion this season, so look to straight hair or curly hairstyles with a fresh and contemporary look, such as Tyler Swift’s curly half up and half down hairdo.