41 Outstanding Christmas Outfits Ideas

Novelty Christmas fancy dress costumes can be great fun at the Christmas office costume party, as original Christmas outfits such as these will always get you noticed and you will have been seen to have made an effort to join in the fun.

Original Christmas outfits make a change from the Santa suits, angel costumes and the sexy elf outfits, and novelty Christmas costumes are nothing if not original.

In recent years, there have been a whole range of new and interesting Xmas outfits that have come out, which you can purchase on specialist websites online.

Below we look at five tips for novelty Christmas fancy dress costumes, to help you find original Christmas outfits that are just right for you.

Costume Tip 1: Christmas Turkey Outfit

A novelty turkey costume is always great for a laugh, especially those outfits that are similar in appearance to the costume Rod Hull used to wear in his Emu act. These novelty Christmas fancy dress costumes usually consist of a turkey body with attached neck, head and legs.

Costume Tip 2: Grinch Fancy Dress Outfit

Characters from famous Christmas books or films can also make cool original Christmas outfits. Buddy the Elf is a good example, as is Scrooge, but my personal favourite has to be Seuss’ infamous character, the Grinch.

The Grinch was made famous in the recent Hollywood movie of the same name, with Jim Carey taking the leading role. The official fancy dress outfits consist of a red long-sleeved top, with a white fluffy faux-fur collar and matching cuffs.

These novelty Christmas fancy dress costumes also come with a deluxe Santa hat with faux-fur trim and of course a superb latex rubber Grinch face mask with realistic fluffy green hair.

Costume Tip 3: Christmas Tree Outfit

Perhaps my favourite of all the original Christmas outfits is that of the Christmas Tree Costume, which are usually made from poly foam.

These novelty Christmas fancy dress costumes simply pull over your head, so that you are wearing the tree so to speak, while box shaped presents pull over your feet, although you can wear your own shoes underneath.

Bonus Tip One: Check up on the venue of the party beforehand

It is important to make sure you know just how much room there is going to be at the Christmas party venue. These type of novelty Christmas costumes all have one thing in common, they are larger than life outfits, in more ways than one, and so you have to be careful with regards to space.


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