48 Elegant Midi Skirt Winter Ideas

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It hasn’t been long since the last day of the London fashion week, but fashion stores have already replaced their clothes with garments from the recent collections. How do we know which clothes belong to the new collections and how do we choose the ones that are most likely to be worn in the following seasons – these are the questions that bother most women, these days.

A look at the London catwalks will provide us all the information we need to buy fashionable clothes. The majority of London designers have chosen the military look for the winter trends. Trench coats with double buttons and belted waist are, thus, obligatory in any woman´s closet, if they want to look stylish all the year round.

The colors that dominated this year´s fashion presentations were the earth tones: brown, mustard, tan and yellow. The makeup was either complementary or contrasting to the colors of the clothes; therefore, the majority of the models displayed natural pink or golden eye shadows and lipsticks.

‘Rock star’ was the keyword that dominated the entire London fashion week as the majority of the displayed items were inspired by the look of English rock singer David Bowie. T-shirts and dresses were all embellished with powerful and colorful prints representing architectural designs, flowers and pop singers. In addition, the long rebellious hairstyles of the models were in keeping with the outfits they presented.

This winter is all about midi skirts or at least this is what designers have proposed for this new season when they replaced the already famous skinny jeans with blue jeans, cotton or even satin skirts. These elegant garments were used in combination with thigh or knee high rocker boots in order to create a powerful, yet attractive contrast.

Accessories continue to play an important part in the outfits that designers introduced last week. They recommend long colorful scarves disorderly worn over the shoulders or around the neck. Big large bags were replaced with small purses that continue to be carried in one hand, instead of over the arm.

Thus, we have seen that the military and the rock or pop star look are the trends that govern this winter season. These styles can be easily achieved by purchasing any of the above mentioned garments. Thanks to the wide range of clothes and offers made by designers, you, too, can renew your wardrobe with little expenses.