41 Affordable Winter Christmas Decorations Ideas

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Are you planning to have your wedding in winter but you do not have any ideas what kind of theme or motif you would like to have? Why not try a winter wedding? All you need to do is to decide on winter wedding decorations. It easy because they are easily available everywhere you go and everywhere you look in winter season.

One good thing about having your wedding in winter is the natural glittery, snowy backdrop, especially if you are living in a place where it snows. It is also okay if you live in a place where it does not snow because the mood will still be festive and you can easily create a magical atmosphere in the place where you will hold your wedding party.

To know more about winter wedding decorations, here are some tips and ideas.

o One great decor for a winter wedding is candles. You can buy loads of them in different shapes and styles. You can light them up in one area to create a romantic mood. Or you can use frosted glass holders for your candles in different colors.

o Star, heart, and snowflake confetti can also create a holiday mood in a romantic celebration. This will make the guests feel excited, happy, nostalgic, and romantic all at the same time.

o Take advantage natural elements that you can see outside such as pine cones, mistletoe, holly leaves, poinsettia, berries, pomegranates, evergreen, eucalyptus and ivy. Another natural element that you do not have in any other season is the white snow outside.

o Your color motif should reflect the colors of Christmas such as red, green, white, ice blue, silver, and gold. Choose decorations with these colors or a combination of these colors. For a white Christmas theme, choose white and silver or gold colors; winter wonderland theme includes ice blue and white, silver, or gold colors; and traditional theme includes red, green, and white, silver, or gold.

o Another romantic and festive d├ęcor for a winter wedding is bells. You can include little bells in your bouquet and tie them with ribbons or give them as a wedding favour. Your guest can even use these favors as decorations for their Christmas trees.

o Place several small Christmas trees and a few bigger ones in the reception area. You can hang your souvenirs in the big Christmas trees or you can hang strings of Christmas lights all around them.

o Another great and unique decoration for your winter wedding is a magnificent ice sculpture. It can be a sculpture of a woman and a man about to tie the knot or anything related to weddings and Christmas. This will surely impress your guests and will make your wedding the talk of the town.

The decorations can sometimes make or break a wedding or any events. That is why you have to think long and hard and to choose your winter wedding decorations carefully to ensure a successful and unforgettable wedding that will create fond memories for you and your husband and also your guests.

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