45 Best Accessories Ideas For Winter Holidays

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What is not to love about a package holiday? But is it not a pest when you want to fit everything into your luggage or suitcase?

I am constantly presented with a case which won’t even close properly, leaving me to make the hardest decision – What to leave behind and what to keep for the journey?

Winter holidays especially require a lot of attention when it comes to packing sensibly for your trip and ensuring you have everything that you need for a holiday which might well have you experiencing temperatures many times lower than your home country.

Winter holiday makers of both genders might want to consider some skin care goods:

Vaseline & Moisturiser – Lock in moisture and prevent chapping. Winter holidays seem to cause prevalent chapping and dry skin, at least for me and several of my friends who I go skiing with.

Luckily these items can be carried in the clear plastic bag if they are less than 100mls, which is ideal considering you probably paid a premium for your sporting goods to be flown (skis, snowboards etc.).

Thermal Pants – Keep your loin warm. Luckily this unattractive clothing item stay out of sight, keeping your body warm and preventing heat loss around the protected area. Take one for each day of your trip or face running out and getting cold!

Warm Over Coat – Keep your Upper body warm. A big thick, thermal coats is a must have for any winter holiday. Though you might get warm and colder throughout the day the temperatures can be erratic especially in places like mountains.

Warm trousers – Keep your lower body warm. Suitable trousers need to be warm, depending upon your excursions i.e. hiking, snowboarding and skiing will need to have some waterproof protection, perhaps a standard warm pair of jeans or light trousers with the waterproofs on the outside.

Thick boots – keep your feet warm. Your feet are one of the first parts of your body that will let you know your cold, look after them with appropriate footwear. There are specialist stores for winter hiking boots and mountain trekking boots.

Suitable gloves – keep your hands warm. Much like the feet, hands also get pretty cold and are one of the first indications that you are too cold.

Get some suitable gloves, some that are water resistant and thick, capable of keeping your hands warm and bringing them to temperature quickly when warn.

If you regularly go on winter holidays skiing and such, it’s highly advisable to hunt these sorts of items so you own them yourself. Some people rent the first time, then look to buy – if you continually rent this can become quite an expensive proposition, so perhaps worth bearing in mind.