48 Perfect Black Mini Little Dress Ideas For Valentines Day

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Every woman should own one, and of everything in your wardrobe nothing should make you feel sexier, slinkier or more confident than your favorite little black dress.

Of all the classic looks, this fashion basic is one of the best known, and comes in as many different versions and styles as there are women out there.

The history of the little black dress goes back to the 1920’s, when designer Coco Chanel made her mark on the fashion world.

As hemlines rose and it became more acceptable for women to show skin, the confining and constricting fashions of years gone by were replaced with the new flapper look, which was simple, elegant and easy to wear. The new silhouette was slim, and the hemlines were shorter than they had ever been in the Western world.

At the same time, black rose from the shadows of mourning garb to become an acceptable color for every day wear. This combined with the lighter fabrics and sleeker lines led to the popularity of what would become a classic look for women throughout every decade to come: the little dress.

Although fashions have changed since the flapper era, the dress has remained a fashion staple. The hemline has risen, fallen, and the silhouette has changed somewhat, but what remained was the simplicity and classic sex appeal.

Many of the looks popular for the dress have come and gone repeatedly; the short, tight mini-dress that gained popularity in the 60’s rose back to prominence in the 80’s and early 90’s. Popular 70’s looks from the disco era rose back to popularity early in the new millennium.

Today the little black dress remains one of the most popular looks a woman can wear. You don’t have to settle on just one dress either! A chic and sophisticated little dress is great for formal events, while a sexy style is perfect for clubbing or any time you want to turn up the heat. Fun, flirty versions of the dress can be worn for everyday or for date night.

The hallmark of the little black dress is that it is clean and simple, and doesn’t need much in the way of ornamentation. Some simple accessories such as hoop earrings or studs, a few gold or silver bracelets, and a small chain and pendant are all you need. Basic slingbacks, pumps, or even a strappy sandal will all look great with a little black dress, as will a pair of sexy boots.


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