46 Elegant Wedding Dress Ideas For Valentines Day

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Your bridal gown is one of the key highlights of your wedding day. Everyone is always excited to see what the bride will be wearing as you make your first appearance walking down the aisle to greet your waiting partner for life. There are literally hundreds of dress styles to choose from in a range of fabrics, styles, shapes and colours.

Hundreds of years ago brides would simply wear their ‘best’ dress to their wedding ceremony. It was in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Albert in a white wedding dress chosen to incorporate some lace she was given that this trend came about.

Brides around the world were inspired by her and followed in her footsteps. Wearing white was also seen by many as a symbol of the bride’s innocence and purity. Today’s 21st century bride often wants something a little different and unique to their own individual style and personality.

White is now less commonly worn as it can prove to be a difficult colour to wear. Ivory, available in many shade variations from off white to buttermilk, is still the most popular colour worn as it is flattering on a huge range of skin tones. So what if you don’t fancy wearing the traditional colourways of white and ivory?

There are no set rules that dictate to you what you should wear and in what colour. This is your wedding day. If you’d like to wear something a little unusual then why not consider injecting some colour into your wedding dress.

Whether you choose to add this in the way of embroidery and beading on your bodice and train, with a waist sash that matches your bridesmaids’ gowns or simply surprise everyone with a gown in a solid colour – the possibilities are endless and the choice is yours.

Wedding dresses in soft shades of powder blue and baby pink are romantic whilst a scarlet red or burgundy dress can look very striking and is the perfect colour for a Valentine’s inspired wedding. Or how about an emerald green dress, very apt for a ceremony at Gretna Green or a bold purple and gold gown for a unique ethnic themed day.

If you do choose to wear a wedding dress with colour then do take into consideration that this will then need to be echoed throughout other elements of your special day. Any colour in your wedding dress is followed through into other items such as your wedding flowers, table centrepieces, men’s attire and decorations.

Think carefully about the season in which you are getting wed as some colours are more fitting than others. For example, dark shades such a forest green, deep navy or dark red are ideal for winter weddings, pastel shades of pinks, blues and greens work well for Springtime, vibrant colours of the spectrum look stunning in the Summer months and burnt oranges, and browns are very fitting for Autumn.