40 Awesome Outfits Ideas For Valentine’S Day 2019

1 min read

Most Valentine’s Scrooges will be nattering away at how it is ‘just a day made up by the card industry’, whilst the rest of us just enjoy this day of love, whether it be with our friends, a new person in your life or that special someone.

It’s certainly a good excuse to dress up, as well as say to your loved ones ‘I love you’. So wherever you are going this Valentine’s day, dress up and feel the love for yourself and others!

Getting into the mood of romance, is not only just about where you go and who with, it’s about your style. Dressing up for yourself this Valentine’s day will not only help you feel confident about yourself, but will attract others too if you so wish. Tights are a particular good way to do so, as many men seem to love the way they hug our legs!

All you need to spruce up your outfit for the big ‘V’ day is a pair of tights. Denier black tights often make an impression as they create an amazing silhouette of your legs, making any chunky thighs look slim and slender, or any slim thighs slender!

To give a much more fashionable but cute look, opt for patterned black tights, such as the ‘heart seam’ tights from Levante. The motif of hearts is certainly a cute look to add to your outfit.

Want to go more sultry and sexy this Valentine’s day? Then I suggest you opt for a pair of sexy stockings. There are some wonderfully sultry stockings that will make any man’s head turn!

Our favourites include the off black stocking with lacy trim from Falke and the tight-stockings (actually tights posing as stockings for a more comfortable fit) with lace floral stocking tops from Trasparenze and Falkes’ hold ups with ribbon trim for a cute but sexy look.

Looking good is not about impressing others, as it makes you feel special too. So whether you are dressing up for your man, your girlfriends or just yourself, do yourself justice!