42 Lovely Valentines Day Outfit Ideas For 2019

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Valentine’s Day, celebrated annually on February 14th is the official lovers’ holiday. This sweetheart holiday is marked by giving and receiving cards, flowers, chocolates and jewelry.

Valentine’s Day is that special time of year when red and pink colored heart decorations adorn stores and schools and offices, and Valentine cards are delivered with fondness and love.

Valentine’s Day lore suggests that this lovers’ holiday was first set in motion as a tribute to St. Valentine, a Catholic Bishop who lived in Rome during the 5th Century and was notoriously beheaded for his commitment to love.

St. Valentine’s life story reads like a Greek tragedy. He served during the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius, who believed that married soldiers were unsuitable for military duty, and banned marriage outright.

Valentine, a love activist at heart, defied his Emperor and embarked on a crusade of conducting secret marriages. Claudius learned of Valentine’s subversion and had him jailed.

While in jail, he fell in love with a blind woman who was the daughter of the jail warden. During this period, she was blessed by Valentine’s ultimate gift love, and was given the gift of sight.

It was widely held that his love for her healed her blindness. Upon learning of this, Claudius ordered his execution. Before his death sentence was carried out, Valentine wrote a farewell message to his beloved, which he concluded with the inscription, “from your Valentine.” Years later by Church decree, Valentine was named the Patron Saint of Love.

In homage to the true spirit of Valentine’s Day, we want to highlight some of our sexy and flirty costumes. There’s nothing quite as fetching as seeing your lover dressed to the nines in a sexy come-hither costume.

As you prepare for this year’s sweetheart holiday, show your passion for your sweetie with the gift of a sexy Valentine’s Day costume. Here are six suggestions to help you find a truly seductive outfit.

1. Pink Molly-Go-Brightly Costume – Think Pink! Our sexy Valentine’s costume includes a circular buckle front mini dress. This flirtatious come-hither look makes a perfect Valentine costume. Dressed in this sexy 1960s style costume you’ll be as sweet as chocolate on Valentine’s Day!

2. Cupid Bow and Arrow Set – Let Cupid Shoot His Love Arrow Straight Into Your Heart! Our cupid Valentine costume accessory set includes a plush 24 inch bow and a plush 18 inch arrow set.

3. Sexy Heavenly Angel Costume – Heaven is Missin’ This Angel! Our heavenly angel costume is a perfectly seductive Valentine’s Day costume for your sweetheart. This sexy Valentine costume includes a sexy halter dress with lace up front, drape sleeves and halo.

4. Sexy Cupid Costume – Hey Cupid Draw Back Your Bow! This Valentine’s Day costume is flirty, fluffy and pink! It includes a satin dress with mesh ruffles, ruffled panties, and ruffle-enhanced cupid wings. The plastic cupid accessories included are the traditional cupid bow and arrow. No doubt our sexy cupid costume will give you reason to draw back your bow!

5. Sexy Blue Glitter Fairy Costume – Roses are Red and Sexy Fairy Costumes are Blue! Our sexy fairy costume includes a kissable 2-piece blue sexy pixie dress with organza skirt and matching blue wings. A perfectly provocative Valentine’s Day costume!

6. Sexy Go Go New Print Costume – For Certain Skirts this Short Are Sexy!  On Valentine’s Day your sweetheart will make you swoon dressed in this sexy adult costume. Our sweet ‘n sassy Valentine costume includes this long sleeve Bohemian print mini dress, belt and earrings. You Go Sexy Go Go Girl!