39 Stunning Toe Nail Designs Ideas For Winter

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Nail design is among the most popular fashion trends of today, and nail painting is not that important anymore. For generations, we have admired nails of the fingers and toes painted in single colors. Thankfully, these days, you can get a variety of tools that help creating cute nail designs, using appliqué and decals that help you harmonize your nails not with the color and style of your outfit only, but also with the celebration that you could be rejoicing, which could be a special personal occasion or holiday. The options are endless, and the best thing is the fact that these may be changed as frequently as you wish.

The option of designs for nails is varied these days, the popular ones include holidays and sports teams. Many are enthusiastic to demonstrate their loyalty to specific teams and add their respective mascots. It is real fun having a pedicure and manicure matching the special outfits to be used for special occasions, like Christmas and other celebrations. The basic idea remains to include a design and color that is most appropriate for the occasion. Here are some ideas that you may approve for many of the occasions or even without any specific occasion, and have some fun:

Nails with glitter

This is a very easy, yet highly effective technique for create very cute nail designs. By selecting a complementary base coat, you can easily select a suitable glitter topping, which not only highlights your base coating, but also the color of your dress. You are at liberty to select a color of your choice that conveys your personality and style.

Nails with half moon

In this case, the base of the nail forms a half moon, while the rest over it includes designs in harmonious colors. The choice of colors is what matters the most here. For maximum effect, these should complement each other. You may choose to have a combination of silver with shades of blue, or contrast golden color with red, but make sure that the half moon remains bare.

Floral Nails

You’ll need to select a base color of your choice for designing the flowers on your nails. You may apply decals with floral designs, or simply include daisies or another similar flowers over a base coat by simply using streaks and dots. You can be sure of grabbing the much desired attention.

These days you can create cute nail designs with help of airbrushing techniques, but keep in mind that you can create original designs for the toes and fingers nails that look original easily, allowing you to demonstrate your creativity and persona. Once you start gaining confidence in the field, gradually you may start experimenting with decals, air guns and some original ideas that would help conveying your desired message.