43 Lovely Winter Hats Ideas For Women

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If there is one good thing about fashion it is that styles change each year. You can pick a variety of dresses to look chic, elegant, graceful, hip, cool and trendy by turns according to occasions. You have cool pastels or colorful prints for summer and dark, comfortable clothing for winter. When it comes to winter wear the accent is not only on looking good but also on being warmly comfortable. This means protection for your body as well as your feet, hands and, importantly, your head and ears.

Simply viewing it from the warmth angle, there is nothing quite like fox fur hats for women for warmth and comfort in the bitter chill of winter. Marvelously light in weight yet so comfortable, these head coverings provide the best protection in comparison to wool or any other material. Even when temperatures fall several degrees below freezing you can be sure your head and ears receive complete protection against wintry winds.

If protection and comfort are essential, fashion and style are even more so. In this respect fox fur hats for women prove absolutely transformational to help you achieve exotic, unique looks that make you stand apart from the crowd. Wear a plain dress and you are just a number in the crowd.

Top it with a fox fur hat and you become a head turner. Even in this category you have a wide range of choices such as hats made from pelts of authentic silver fox, of Greenland white fox, the grey fox, peken fox and the inimitable Russian crystal fox, You can put on any one of these and flaunt your style with carefree abandon knowing you have achieved a glorious transformation.

You could go a step further and pick a hat to suit your face shape, your personality and, of course, your dress.

  • A woman with a square face, for instance, would benefit by wearing a golden fire fox hat that has a mop rising high and ear flaps that cascade down to her shoulders, balancing the face perfectly.
  • Women with a round face or a heart shaped look ever so cute and chic in a white, silver or grey classic hat that sits roundly and piquantly on her head. This is the classic, timeless look that never fails to have an effect on onlookers.
  • An ushanka suits those with a longer face as well as women with a round face because it has a bouffant look with cascades along the sides of the face for a glorious, fuller and richer look.
  • A stylish variant is a hat with a tail, piquant, saucy, naughty and trendy in looks that should be the favorite of modern, stylish women.

If you look at other accessories, even headgear such as scarves, they must match. They might add only a little bit but silver fox fur hat for women is in a class apart, distinctly signifying that you have arrived on the fashion scene. No wonder it is the favorite of fashion conscious celebrities.