46 Elegant Mens Winter Style Ideas For 2019

The temperatures are starting to drop all across the country and flakes of snow are beginning to fall from the sky. Do you know what that means? Well, it means that it is time to start thinking of revising your winter wardrobe for the season. Look, I’m know that it’s difficult to think about fashionable accessories or whether or not you look good as you’re freezing your tail off. However, if you get the chance to do it, go for it and stand out from the crowd.

It’s easy to expand your existing wardrobe while looking cool and warm at the same time. Just remember that being well dressed and looking is not hard to accomplish. All it takes is knowing the basic principles of men’s fashion combined with knowing how to stay warm. Here are some of the top fashion pieces for the winter, and ways to work them into your everyday life:

  • I don’t care what kind type of fashion style you claim to have you should have at least one really nice and really expensive jacket or overcoat. Find one that is made from either wool or down if you plan on staying nice and warm during the cold winter months. Go for the more formal look by picking a longer one with a nice collar and buttons.
  • I know you already have a suit for those formal occasions in life, but the one you already have was probably made with the spring and summer months in mind. You need to buy yourself a winter suit. Modern 3-button cut woolen suits work great in gray, black or navy colors and show versatility for the occasion.
  • Invest in a good pair of khakis made from wool or jeans with a thicker fabric free of holes and tears. You want to keep your legs nice and warm and these two options will do just that.
  • You are going to want something to wear over your casual or dressy shirts when it it is cold outside. A nice warm blazer or tweed sport jacket can do all that plus are rather comfortable too. Another good look is a snug vest worn over in knits and other casual shirts in neutral colors such as and reds, browns and greens. Complete the look with a zip-front knit over shirts and hooded sweatshirts.
  • Since it is the winter and cold outside, it is important that you layer your clothing to keep you warm. To do this you’ll need shirts and sweaters that can be layered over each other. For example, a nice cashmere sweater can be worn underneath button downs and sport jackets as long as it is thin enough. Buy yourself a trendy long sleeve shirt in a polo or button down to go with a pair of jeans or dress khakis. If you need to wear a suit, then opt for something dressier and formal than a casual one.
  • During the wintertime you need at least one good pair of boots. The most important thing to keep warm in the snow are your feet. Looking good while staying warm is not an easy task but with some black or brown suede boots you won’t have any issues. They can be worn in business and casual settings. Make sure they are treated to repel water or they’ll end up ruined before you know it.