44 Classy Winter Outfits Ideas For School

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As we say goodbye to the year 2018, and ring in the year 2019 with a celebratory toast, and as chillier and chillier weather continues to descend all over the world this side of the equator, it’s time for fashionistas everywhere to take stock of their closets and re-up with the proper winter apparel accordingly. It doesn’t take a degree from a fashion design college to know that there are certain weather-appropriate items that one MUST add to their wardrobe in order to leave their homes and face the wrath of a brutally cold winter day.

However, the nuances of fashion trends certainly vary from season to season. That’s why on the brink of this new year, we consulted with our very own fashion college experts and put together a short list of the season’s most essential winter-wear. Trust us… you WON’T want to miss these tips…

1. Boots to brave the elements. They will save you from slipping and face-planting on snow and ice. They will save the bottoms of your favorite jeans from getting ripped and soaked by snow and rain. They will save your toes from having to be amputated due to hypothermia! This season (like most winter seasons) you absolutely MUST equip your feet with a pair of sturdy, rubber-soled winter boots, preferably waterproof ones that won’t get ruined by wet weather or salt stains.

2. The infinity scarf. They don’t have to match the rest of your outfit. They don’t have to be super fancy or expensive. In fact, one of these could even be easily homemade if you or somebody you know knows how to knit. Fashion college students all over are dying for infinity scarves this season. Infinity scarves are like regular scarves except they do not have ends. Instead, they are defined by their never-ending circle, and by the fact that they keep their owners extra cozy and NEVER FALL OFF YOUR NECK.

3. A thick, wool coat. This winter, wool coats will not only keep you super warm, but they are SUPER STYLISH too! Whether you choose a classic color like black, gray or navy, or you branch out with a brighter, dyed wool to make more of a bold fashion statement, everyone should know by now that nothing keeps you warmer than wool. In fact, you might want to pick up some wool socks to match!

4. A snuggly, cashmere sweater. OK, OK, so cashmere can get a little bit on the expensive side… However, if you own a cashmere sweater already then you know how good of an investment these can be. Not only does it not get any warmer or cozier than cashmere when it comes to sweaters, but if you take good care of yours, it will certainly last you a lifetime, and it will never, EVER go out of style. Whether you choose a crew-neck, v-neck or cable-knit, you will certainly not regret this cozy winter apparel purchase.

These items that our fashion school experts have collected and listed above are certainly essential when it comes to much-needed winter-wear this season. If you are full of even more ideas, consider a future in fashion design!