38 Best Winter Outfits Ideas With Leggings

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Leggings are a great fashion item to have in your wardrobe because it’s so easy to create an outfit with them! Leggings can be so comfortable to lounge around in, they can make an outfit for a night out look fabulous and they can match almost anything.

There’s such a wide variety of leggings out there that it’s almost impossible to not come across a pair that you love. You can find leggings that are: floral print, animal print, wet look, leather, colourful, shiny, patterned or even just plain old black leggings.

So maybe you’re asking yourself what you should wear with them?

Although leggings can be match up with a lot of different things here are some items you can definitely wear with leggings.

Coat: Any long coat that covers up your behind will go with most leggings. A large thick winter coat will also give the illusion of skinnier legs which is always a plus side!

Blazer: For that smart yet casual look a blazer is a great way to add that extra spark of dressiness to your outfit. You can also add a scarf to match if it’s cold outside and wear long boots to keep extra warm. This outfit is great for when you’re in town shopping or if you’re going to meet up with some friends for a coffee or a quick drink.

Long cardigan: A long cardigan can be worn over any leggings providing the colours compliment each other. If you’re wearing your plain black leggings then wearing a colourful cardigan is a great way to add that splash of colour to your outfit.

Dress: Despite the fact its winter and cold you can still wear your summer dresses and stay warm! Just simply wear a pair of leggings underneath to keep your legs warm and a coat or a blazer over the top and you’ve got yourself an outfit for the day. If the dress is really bright and colourful then opt for the plain leggings and a plain blazer as you don’t want to your clothes to clash.

Boyfriend Jumper: For that slouchy yet fashionable look then invest in a thick boyfriend jumper. It’s perfect for throwing on over a top and leggings. It’s a great outfit for going shopping in or meeting up with your friends and if it’s cold then wear a matching scarf and gloves.

Ankle boots/boots: If you’re wondering what footwear you can wear with leggings then boots are definitely the way to go whether they’re tall knee-high boots or a shorter ankle boot. The ankle boots with a heel can really dress up your leggings if you’re after that classier look. For a casual day out then flat tall boots will also look fabulous.

Long Tops: The biggest thing to remember when wearing leggings is to always make sure you’re coving up your behind area. Leggings can start to go a bit see-through after a while so you don’t want to be flashing your underwear to everyone you see. Just make sure you’re not showing anything before you leave the house.

You’re gonna look great!