41 Incredible Winter Outfits Ideas With Leg Warmers

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Furry neon leg warmers are a warm comfortable accessory for winters. If your furries have a stylish make, you can surely carry them to parties, raves, and clubs. You can wear them with party boots and shoes, and give an amazing enhancement to your party outfit.

Neon rainbow leg warmers can be found in your nearby fashion stores and on some online rave product stores. However, you can make them by yourself; it is quite a simple exercise. Though, you need to focus on the quality of the material.

You can also make leg warmers with some old stuff like sweaters, etc. and they will look pretty amazing on tights, leggings, and even with fish net, printed and carved tights. Yet, this exercise demands a good use of your creative sense.

Here are a few steps to follow, if you are making your own leg warmers –

Gathering the essentials – To make neon leg warmers, things that you need are: 1 sq. meter fluffy, furry plush fabric or faux fur of your desired color, strong elastic (4 to 5 cm wide), and a sewing machine. You can easily get these items from a nearby store. Make sure that you buy good quality fabric and elastic.

Taking the measurements – Using an inch measuring tape, find the perimeter of your leg below the knee level. To make the leg cover comfortable, add 2 to 3 centimeters extra in the measurement. You also have to measure the outer limits of your calf muscle along with the skin over the shinbone; you have to use this length for the top arc of the template (or the rough draft) your leg warmer.

(In this stage, you have to decide what will be the base of your leg warmer. Ideally 20 to 22 inches are considered okay for these leg accessoNow, lay the fabric over the worktop, and make three marks that divide the cloth into four equal parts.

  • Stretch the elastic, and stitch it up inside the cloth (inner side). You have to make the quarter marks meet while sewing.
  • When sewing inside, you have to stitch the diagonal sides of the fabric. The elastic should overlie by 1 cm, so that when the right side is turned out, the overlapping elastic goes hidden.
  • Now, your gear is ready.

However, if you do not feel confident and comfortable in this task, or if you are not good at using a sewing machine, you can surely get yourself a pair from an online party accessory website. There you will have access to a variety of options, stitched and crafted in high fashion styles.