42 Cute Spring Outfits Ideas

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For most women today, replacing their entire wardrobe to keep up with the ever changing fashion world is simply not an option. Because of this you may want to focus on simply implementing a few key pieces to create these new looks you love and saving your money for a rainy day instead! There are dozens of great casual wear tops available for this spring and summer and they can easily take an old style and rejuvenate it for the new trends.

Tunics are definitely the most versatile casual top on the market today and by far the most comfortable in my opinion. Tunics are long in length and meant to cover your entire torso while wearing skinny jeans or leggings. In some cases a great tunic can even be worn as a mini dress if it is long enough and you are bold enough.

You will find a tunic is just about any color you can think of this year and this includes a wide variety of fabrics as well. You will immediately notice that sequenced tunics are hot this summer and can easily be worn with a neutral pair of leggings and you instantly have a glamorous look for any occasion.

Off the shoulder tops have sky rocketed to the top of everyone’s wish list this year and for good reason. This is the epitome of chic clothing this year and the great thing about these tops is that anyone can wear them and look fabulous.

The asymmetrical appearance of this type of top not only accentuates your figure but your shoulder lines as well. Because these casual clothing pieces are generally loose fitting you can easily wear a camisole underneath for additional coverage or warmth. These off the shoulder tops are not really meant to be layered on top; this will cover the dynamics of the shirt and therefore defeat the entire purpose of putting together a great outfit like this.

The Henley style is one that no one can live without. This seemingly regular t-shirt often has buttons down the front and capped sleeves for that added bit of style. They are incredibly comfortable and can easily fit in with the hot military trends this year as well as the more feminine trends such as bubble skirts. This type of versatility is found throughout all the trends.

When it comes to fashion clothes for women and chic trends like the ones mentioned above you can mix and match them with virtually anything already existing in your closet. For instance, an off the shoulder top looks great with jeans, khakis, skirts and shorts, the options are endless.

What this means for you is you can invest in a few different tops this summer and create your own style with your existing closet and your new pieces. Elan International is one of the designers who have taken an interest in the casual wear industry and because of this we now have a larger variety to choose from and therefore more versatility which is after all what fashion is all about.


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