46 Magnificient Outfit Ideas For Spring

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With so many things to buy in the world nowadays, shopping has become one of the most popular pastimes. Whether it is spring time, summer time or winter time, there are things that have to be bought by everyone. For spring time, there is nothing quite as interesting as shopping for clothes.

Spring clothes include dresses with simple cuts and tiers with colors that range from black and white to tan, mint green, purple and pink. There is no steadfast rule that has to be followed when buying your spring dresses. The main and only point to remember is that you should buy something that makes you look wonderful. In fact, the attitude you have while going spring shopping will help you make great choices for your new wardrobe.

Colors play an important part in your spring wardrobe

Before you go spring shopping, take a look at the colors of the clothes you have. Find out which colors look great on you, and if there is any particular color that looks exceptionally well on you.
This is an important point to consider when buying spring clothes as even simple dresses can look great with the right colors. Similarly, if you buy a dress with a color that does not go well with the tone of your skin, you may not look so good. So, making the right color choices is important when it comes to compiling your spring wardrobe.

If you find that you look good in a particular color like peacock blue or gold or red, then make sure you keep it as the basic color of your wardrobe. This means you have to get yourself at least a skirt, a pair of pants, a dress or a blouse of that color. Once you have this basic color in mind, you have to look for other colors that go well with this color. With this, you will have a stunning collection of spring clothes.

Make sure the clothes fit your figure

Different clothes manufacturers employ different forms of measurements when making their clothes. So there is no point in buying your spring clothes according to sizes alone, as these sizes vary from one manufacturer to another. Buy your dresses after trying them on, so that you will get dresses that fit your actual size and hold your figure to make you look great.

It is advisable that you take some measurements before you buy your spring dresses. Measure the widest part of your hip and bust line. If you find that your hips are larger, you are bottom heavy or pear shaped. If your bust is larger than the hips, you are top heavy. And if both are about the same with only an inch difference between the two, then you have an hourglass figure.

Tips for choosing the right outfit

Determining what type of figure you have helps you choose the right outfit for yourself. Those who are bottom heavy should try padded jackets, printed tops and tops with frills. Basically, anything that draws attention to your upper half and not bottom half is desirable. For the top, wear something plain and dark that helps shrink your hips. It is not advisable to wear pleated skirts, bubble skirts or anything that draws attention to the hips as they only make your hips look bigger.

Accordingly, if you are top heavy, any type of pants will look good on you. In fact, you can also risk wearing a full or pleated skirt. And since most models are top heavy, your figure is considered desirable. However, when choosing your top, you should wear a top with plunging neckline or anything that shows your cleavage. This will certainly make you look sexier!