43 Beautiful Outfits Ideas To Wear This Spring

2 min read

Are you looking for something fresh to wear this spring?

While there’s an array of new spring looks, there’s also a sense of the ordinary in many department store spring collections that just doesn’t appeal to everybody.

Maybe your closet is filled already with flower print dresses, khaki pants and tank tops in every color. What you need is a breath of fresh air. Here’s three totally updated looks for you to try out.

1) 80s Wrinkled Cool

1980s fashion style is back in a big way. Not everything 80s is punk or zippered to the hilt. You can have a totally laid back look by finding relaxed wrinkled pieces that are easy to care for, as well as, easy going.

The Cotton Wrinkled Blouse – traditional cotton blouses aren’t supposed to be wrinkled, but this look allows you to wear a comfortable blouse with built-in wrinkles. Just throw it on and go.

The Relaxed Wrinkled Skirt – you can go with the long bohemian skirt here, but there are also short skirt styles with more of a tailored look that will work great.

The Relaxed 80s Motorcycle Style Jacket – look for a jacket with an elastic or cinched waist and multiple zippers on the front. Material will be light cotton or polyester blend. Comes in vibrant colors.

Wrinkled Trench Coat – the same classic style in a very relaxed cotton or twill fabric. You’ll look great while remaining casually comfortable.

Two Toned Silk Wrinkled Scarf – wrap this breezy accent scarf around your neck or waist and add a little pizzazz to your casual chic outfit. Two colors are better than one.

Chunky Platform Shoes with Ruffles – keep the carefree casual look going from head to toe with the perfect pair of casual chic shoes. Look for wooden platform shoes topped by ruffled canvas or leather uppers.

Slouchy Handbag – finish this look off with a big old slouchy leather or canvas bag.

2) 20s Jazz Age Casual

Recreate the clean, crisp look of the 1920s country club set.

Sleeveless Pintuck Pleated Dress – this is a nice basic that you can wear to the office or a casual get together. If you can’t find a pintuck pleated style, then any comfortable, sleeveless, free flowing style dress, in a solid color, will do the trick. Length should be just below the knee. Colors: white, black, navy or tan.

White Pleated Skirt – kind of old, yet so fresh and modern too. This skirt should drape below the knee.

Beaded Sleeveless Top – Beaded ornamentation on women’s clothing was all the rage in the 1920s so this will look great with a pleated skirt.

White Cable Knit Belted Cardigan – this cardigan style is the perfect piece to top off your 20s look. Great looking in solid white or with a dark colored trim.

High Heel Oxford Pump – the oxford never goes out of style. A higher heel adds modern flair to an old favorite.

Marcasite Jewelry – Look for marcasite jewelry pieces to accent this great 1920s look.

3) New Color Combination: Pale Yellow and Gray

Fresh and unexpected color combinations can brighten up old neutral pieces – in this case the neutral is gray.

Look for the pale yellow and gray combination in: dresses, tops, shoes and purses. Buy some yellow pieces and do your own experimenting – it’s fun.