49 Shabby Chic Outfit Ideas For Spring

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Wearing a silk scarf has plenty of advantages. Not only is this an ideal way to liven any outfit with color, interest and it also is practical. Silk, a natural fabric, is an amazing fabric able to retain heat. As a result, it keeps its wearers cozy and warm during the coldest of days.

It is easy to create a new look with a silk scarf. It is simply a matter of experimenting with the various ways you can drape and tie the material. Some looks you create are best for decorative styles. Others are designed to keep you getting frost-bite. An enduring fashioning of the scarf popular among celebrities and the fashion-conscious worldwide is the muffler style. It is a favorite for the cooler months of spring, fall and winter.

The muffler goes beyond being casual. This style, often equated with the old western movies and cowboys appeals with its somewhat wicked or even Bohemian look. The wrap of this scarf is able, somehow, to encapsulate the quintessence of fashion and elegance, while appearing somewhat untidy and delightfully disheveled.

You can create the muffler style in a number of ways. The first method requires a square scarf. Initially, fold it in half crosswise. You next place the long end midpoint against your throat. This allows one point to fall in front of your body.

The remaining two points you toss one each across your shoulders. Next, take the two ends and tie them once at the nape of your neck. Leave the material to hang freely or you can loop it around front, tucking the material beneath the material in front.

Another way to create the muffler style is to use a rectangular piece of fabric. Fold it in half lengthwise. Take one corner and fold it over the scarf making sure the point lies in the middle of the short edge – now opposite diagonally. Next, place the folded scarf facing your throat. Place it with the point pointing downwards. Take the ends at back and tie them being sure to adjust the tension so the material hangs in a satisfying manner.

It is easy to see why the muffler style is popular. The casual look suits it best. The scarf thus fashioned is a great addition to those days when comfort and warmth both count. When even a buttoned or turned -up collar fails to keep out the chill, this style will.

Moreover, it adds a fashionable shabby chic touch to various ensembles from the casual look of leather jacket, blue jeans and boots or boots and an ankle-length denim skirt. If you really want to take it up a notch, make sure you wear only the finest – a hand-painted, hand-dyed silk scarf. You will surely look spectacular.


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