40 Charming Hairstyles Ideas For Long Hair

Women admire long hair on other women but rarely let their own hair grow out. We live in a fast paced world and tending to one’s tresses is not something a woman has time for on rushed mornings. But, with a little bit of innovation and creativity, you can come up with some really classy hairstyles that won’t take more than five minutes of your time.

The beauty of long hair is that it can be easily styled and you can try out a different hairdo every day. It will give you an air of unpredictability every morning when you turn up at work with your hair done up differently.

The chignon is the favourite of many a career woman as it is fairly easy to pile hair on top of the head, leaving a few tendrils to charmingly frame the face. There are so many easy and different ways of doing up your hair that you can sport a different chignon every day. All you need is a dozen types of snazzy hair pins, clips, hair bands, and other accessories to match your outfit and even your mood.

The simplest is a no-fuss knot at the nape with a classy pin stuck in it. You could frizz the bun a bit to give it a breezy look. Always let a few strands stray from the knot and around the face, to make it look less severe. If you would like to try something different, select a couple of strands of hair from either side and secure it at the back with a simple rubber band. Hold the rubber band and twist the hair over and over until both the strands of hair look like two braids from either side. Then coil up the rest of the hair so that it rests just above the neck.

You could try leaving your hair down too and still maintain a sophisticated look. Part your hair on one side and braid a small section of hair from one side to the other and hold it in place with a hair pin and the rest of the hair down. You could try highlighting your hair to give it a unique colour; for naturally blonde hair, red highlights will look great and blonde highlights look awesome on dark brown hair.

Another very neat style, which is slightly more time-consuming but with practice you could easily do it within 5 minutes, is a French braid. If you have a fringe or even just a few short strands cut to frame your face, this hairstyle will look great. A regular braid divides the hair into three sections while for a French braid, you start with two sections and go on adding hair to it little by little to get a very neat braid. Secure it with a stylish clip or band and frizz out the ends to give it a saucy look.

Next time you think of growing out your hair, don’t hesitate! There is a lot you can do with long hair and you might just turn into that woman you admired not so long ago!


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