42 Pretty Fashion Outfit Ideas For Spring

1 min read

How can we refresh our wardrobes with the latest fashion trends? As winter drags out, we all look forward to spring. What are the trends, and how do you wear them? Read on to get ready for spring.

This springs has loads of pretty things to mix and match with your wardrobe, from flowers to crisp clean styles. Here are 2 hot spring styles and how to wear them.

1. Fresh flowers: Flowers are big this spring, from grown-up floral dresses, blouses and skirts, to accessories such as brooches and hair accessories.

How to wear them: Don’t go overboard, especially for the office. Choose one new grown-up floral, and pair it with your neutral separates. For example, a floral cardigan is great over a simple pair of pants and a top. Or wear a floral dress, but add a solid jacket or sweater on top.

Keep the accessories simple as well. If you wear a floral piece, don’t add floral brooches and hair pieces – that’s overkill. To keep it simple, start with a simple piece of floral jewelry. As the summer heats up, slip into your floral dress or blouse, with elegant silver or wood jewelry.

2. Abstract prints: Graphic patterns are amongst the hottest trends right now. From dresses with geometric designs to floaty tops, you’ll see these eye-catching designs everywhere this spring.

How to wear them: Make sure you buy a pattern that suits your body shape. If you have big shoulders, or are very curvy, some patterns may accent the parts of your body you don’t want to draw attention to. Try on a few styles to see what works for you.

With graphic prints, keep your accessories simple and classic. Find a bag in a neutral shade, or a crayon-box hue that picks up a color in your pattern. Keep the jewelry simple. The dress or shirt will be the main attraction. Eye-catching jewelry is too much.