48 Charming Womens Lightweight Jackets Ideas For Spring

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While we may not like wearing them as teenagers, jackets and to a bigger extent, coats, are an absolute fashion essential in almost every situation – especially if you live in a colder climate. But with so many seasons and different types of weather affecting everybody at any time of year what coat or jacket should we wear at different seasons?

The answer to this question may sound fairly obvious at first; after all, if it’s cold outside surely you’d put on a warmer jacket or a special winter jacket in order to keep you warm?

Broadly speaking this would be very true during the winter months, when rain, wind, snow, hail and storms are much more likely. However, there are times when the weather is very hard to predict – especially in the spring and in the late summer, so the jacket you take out with you in the morning, may not be the right one for the weather in the evening, and vice versa. So, what do we wear?

In the winter, it’s important to remember that investing in a warm and reliable winter coat doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on style; there are many, many brands and styles that remain almost eternally fashionable and well-respected.

Go shopping; and see what’s available, from styles to materials and brands and then make a decision based on the winter coat that you want. For men, pea coats and military-inspired jackets never seem to go out of fashion during this season.

In the warmer times of the year, the lighter the jacket, the better – and that doesn’t just refer to the colour. In fact, as the weather is warmer at certain times of the year, jackets made of lightweight and breathable material, such as womens denim jackets and mens blazers are very popular for being lightweight and cool.

If you’re looking for something that’s waterproof in case of a sudden and unexpected shower in the spring or the summer, then consider getting a lightweight waterproof jacket, such as a ‘mac in a bag’ style coat, which can be folded into a handy little bag and placed in a handbag or briefcase in preparation for a bit of rain during the day or night.

Lighter coats and jackets are also much easier to carry around during the day, and they can be very versatile – mens blazers are great for the office, and for a night out when worn with jeans and a t-shirt. Womens denim jackets also suit long, flowing maxi dresses, as well as a simple top and a t-shirt.