45 Gorgeous Tea Length Wedding Dresses Ideas

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A vintage tea length wedding dress is a dress that falls anywhere from just below the knee to above your ankle. It is a style that is making a comeback as many brides find it more appropriate and flexible. Some of the reasons that tea length dresses are preferred are because they allow the brides to show off their beautiful wedding shoes whether they are high heels, peep toes or even flats. This is something that is harder to do when you are wearing a full length wedding dress.

This dress length also come with the advantage of making it easier for the bride to move and dance. The traditional full length dress makes the same hard especially if they have long tails to complete them. A vintage tea length wedding dress is quite ideal for the bride who does not want to change into a different attire for the after party because it still makes it very easy and comfortable for her to move around and get into all the dancing. It is definitely a less cumbersome type of gown and it is welcomed for this.

The other advantage of vintage tea length wedding dresses is that they allow brides to show off their beautiful legs. If you are proud of your beautiful legs and would like to flaunt, then this is definitely the perfect gown to go for. But just like anything else, you must choose the best vintage tea length wedding dress. They can be versatile, but when you look at a few aspects you will have an easy time selecting the best one for you.

Neckline – Most vintage tea length wedding dresses are strapless for that added feminine look to them. They are designed to give emphasis to the bust and cinch the waist and even though any neckline would work great, you should select a neckline you are most comfortable with. If you have problems showing too much skin with a strapless design, then you can choose one with straps or add straps or get a more comfortable neckline that does not steal the beauty of your gown in any way.

Skirt – Most have a ballooned skirt and this is what makes the vintage tea length wedding dresses even more appealing and feminine. However, choose a skirt that will give you an easy time sitting and make you feel comfortable when standing. It is always a good idea to try out the dress before the big day so you are able to evaluate the comfort and also select the best underwear for it.

Color – Ivory and of course white are the color options you have when it comes to vintage tea length wedding dresses. Select a color that works for your skin tone and remember that not all brides look their best in white. It is the traditional color, but you might look even more elegant and stylish in a vintage tea length wedding dress in ivory.