40 Luxury Summer Outfits Ideas To Try Now

2 min read

It’s the worst part of summer and all you can think about is getting away. Some of you will be lucky enough to sail the high seas, go to the Bahamas, to Mexico, or even Greece. Then, there are the rest of us in the world who are stuck here having to work with no break in site. When that happens, I simply like to fake it till I make it. For example, I like to dress like if I am on vacation. Take the outfit I have on right now for instance. These days I like to go to work and run errands wearing a bohemian, full tiered skirt and top it off with an authentic Mexican blouse. They say you have to dress for the part you want, not the part you have. My vacation outfit is saying that this summer and is also great for so much more.

So, let’s first deal with the lucky ones who are traveling far off to some exotic locale. For those of you that will be surrounded by cool waters and the hot sun, you’ll need some airy garments to keep you fresh while you are going from a local souvenir shop to scuba lessons. You’ll also want to look cute too! Throw on a cotton Mexican blouse that has draw strings around the collar, so you can loosen them and free up your neckline if it gets too hot.

These blouses are very thin too, so you will definitely feel nice and breezy on your luxurious vacation. If it is humid, a full tiered skirt will send a draft up your legs that will make you feel like you are sporting bikini bottoms. Who cares about humidity when your style makes you feel fresh as the night summer wind?

Now let’s get to those of us who are stuck at the computer, our cubicle, or are standing on our feet all summer long. Well, just because we can’t go far away doesn’t mean we can’t pretend. For instance, I throw on my go to top with Mexican embroidery, my shabby chic full tiered skirt, and some bronzer and it looks like I just got off the plane from an adventure in Guadalajara, Mexico. Not only that, I get tons of questions about my outfit too. My coworkers want to know where I bought it, how did I get my summer glow, what my vacation plans are this year and so much more. I’m faking it till I make it and I’m almost there!

What are the other benefits of dressing for vacation to work and about town? Well, if you live in a hot state right now (and I bet you do), Mexican blouses and full tiered skirts are so light and airy. It’s almost like you aren’t wearing any clothes and if you are, they are providing you with a nice breather upstairs and downstairs. These days I can’t leave the house with out a skirt or else it feels like my legs are going to melt off and I need a bath immediately.

I know I have talked about this vacation minded outfit being light, thin and airy, but not to worry, these clothes are very durable. Craftspeople in Mexico take pride in their clothing and goods. These clothes are designed to be intricate in embroidery and stitching, yet simple in terms of wearing. If you are concerned about the fabric of these blouses and skirts being too thin to wear to work, not to worry. I have a Mexican blouse and skirt for fall too! They are both made with thicker, sturdy cotton and are just as beautiful and exotic.

Whether you find yourself skipping the cobblestone streets of Greece or sitting in a cafe right by your house, do yourself a favor this summer and dress for vacation. You will feel distinguished, exotic, whisked away and very fresh. Fake it till you make it wearing a vacation look and before you know it, you’ll be off to a world of summer sun and excitement, whether it be in the Bahamas or right in your backyard!