41 Awesome Summer Outfit Ideas You Will Totally Love

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With the varying seasons of the years, we see that not only does the colour palette undergoes a change, but also the type of fabric as well as the style of the clothes that change significantly. The factor, which influences these changes the most, is the wear ability of certain fabrics and colours at different times of the year.

Whether it is a special occasion or a day-to-day causal event, the most comfortable fabrics for summer dressing include cotton, light cottons, polycot, light in weight polyester fabrics and stretch poplin this season. When you are going to an occasion, you have to choose the fabric according to you own comfort because it may be that you don’t feel comfortable in a certain fabric in which another person does. So the fabric should be chosen according to one’s suitability.

Another important thing about dressing is the colour that you select. As much as it is up to you to choose a colour, there are certain colours that are considered the palette for summer and may narrow down the options for you.

The colour that you choose to wear to a certain occasion in summers also depends on the time of the occasion as the colours for night and day differ a little. If you are going to some occasion that is taking place in the daytime, then you should preferably wear a lighter and more natural colour. However, for an occasion at night, you can go for a darker colour, even one that is a little shimmery.

One should avoid wearing synthetic shirts to occasions in summers, as they would make you uncomfortable. Kurta shirts are a much-preferred option for occasions that are causal. This is because kurta shirts are thin clothed and make you feel cooler. For a summer occasion, especially one for the day, capris with a coloured top are a great option. This can be perfect for casual occasions and even for semi-formal ones with proper accessories and shoes.

A skirt can also be worn with an embellished top to achieve a semi-formal or formal look for an occasion. Printed dresses are also a great choice for a summer outfit. You can combine a printed top with plain trousers or you can get a sundress or outfit with floral print; perfect for the summer depending upon the kind of occasion you’re dressing for.

If you are wearing a plain, coloured shirt with trousers, then you can always get it embellished with lace or buttons and wear accessories with it. However, printed dresses usually do not require accessories but one can always use them to achieve a good look.

If you want to feel comfortable on an occasion during summers, it is important to remember that you should go for a fabric that allows air to reach your body so that you feel cool and the colour should be such that it should be soothing during the hot weather, especially if it’s daytime. The sandals worn should also be comfortable and open.