42 Unordinary Mismatched Outfits Ideas For Women

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We all know men are visual creatures. Comparing a plainly dressed woman with a well dressed woman, the latter will definitely look more attractive! Even if you are not the hottest babe in town, you can still be a head-turner with the clothes you wear!

1) Make sure you do not wear clothes that are out of date or too trendy for you

If you have clothes hanging in your wardrobe for the last decade, check if they are very out of date already. If you wear out of date stuff, it gives the guy an impression that you belong to the last era too. Of course, sometimes retro fashion does make a comeback, but if your clothes are nowhere near the current retro style, keep them out of your date’s sight.

If you are a woman of mature age, dressing to look like a young adult may actually look strange on you. Keep abreast of the latest fashion trends, but do not overdo it as it may actually backfire if the trendiest look does not suit you at all.

If you are not sure what is good for you, stick to traditional, classic fare. Go to shopping malls; look around at the department that stocks clothing for your age group. You can also ask the salespeople for advice and suggestions too.

2) Wear only clothes that fit nicely on you

Wearing clothes that fit makes a huge difference to how you look! Imagine wearing a loose-fitting tee compared to one that is more fitted. Visually, you will look a lot slimmer in the fitted tee. Sometimes, larger sizes make one look sloppy, so if you have the figure, flaunt it! For bottoms, if you are wearing pants, make sure the bottom hem is not too long such that it is dragging on the ground when you walk. If you wear heels, the perfect length for the bottom hem should end slightly above your heels. If you are short, avoid wearing skirts that are too long. If you are pear shaped, opt for A-line skirts with hems that end below the knee to soften your heavy hips and thighs.

3) Check if your outfit is well-coordinated

Sometimes when we walk along the streets, we can’t help but take a second look at people. It is not because they are attractive, but rather they distract us with their mismatched outfit! If you have a two piece outfit, but they can’t blend with each other, you will end up looking really weird. Make sure the colors, fabrics and styles of your coordinated outfit can match each other. Also, pay attention to accessories like earrings, scarves, belts and shoes which you might wear with your clothes as well.

4) Dress according to the occasion

If it is a casual outing to the beach, tank-tops, short sleeved cotton tees, shorts and slacks are most comfy and will blend nicely with your outdoor activities. But if the occasion is more formal like dining in an expensive restaurant, take the initiative to dress up. Overdressing is still acceptable socially, but if you turn up under dressed for the occasion, it will embarrass your date and you may never see him again the second time.

5) Make a difference to your outfit with accessories

For ladies, we have so many choices of accessories that we can use to complement our clothes. A nice pair of earrings, bangles or a pretty scarf can add some zest even to a plain outfit. Even the bag we carry and the shoes we wear with our outfit can transform the way we look. But do not overdo the accessories part, keep it to a maximum of three accessories, otherwise you may end up looking like a Christmas tree!

It’s true in a certain way that the way you dress can improve the way you look. Complete it with nicely manicured nails, nice smelling hair, and a sweet smelling breath; you will be the most unforgettable!